The growing large market of biometrics systems has attracted a number of companies. It is also necessary to match the performance of different sensor or cross sensor environment. Among ocular biometrics, sclera biometrics have gain its popularity since last few years. The major reason for the popularity of this biometrics is because it can increase the biometric applicability of iris biometrics. In order to established this concept it is necessary to access the biometric applicability of sclera. Some major challenges that are face in the sclera biometrics are the segmentation of the sclera portion from the eye image. Various algorithms have been proposed for sclera segmentation in subsequent works of this biometrics, but still it is a challenge and an open research area. Moreover for benchmarking sclera segmentation, two competitions are/will be organized namely SSBC 2015 and SSRBC 2016 in conjunction with BTAS 2015 and ICB 2016, respectively. Due to the overwhelming successful completion of SSBC2015 and admirable popularity of SSRBC 2016, we plane to organize this proposed competition to benchmark sclera segmentation in cross senor environment. 
The proposed algorithms of the participants will be evaluated by the organizer. The evaluation measures will be the precision and recall (recall will be consider the prior measure for ranking the algorithms).