Women of Nepal in Mathematical Sciences
Women of Nepal in Mathematical Sciences (WoNiMS)
  Dalhousie University 

University of Nebraska
In collaboration with
Central Department of Mathematics, TU
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Padmakanya Campus
Committee for Women in Mathematics   EMS-CDC  University Grants Commission AARMS   Roman Number Theory AssociationDalhouse University   Foundation Compositio Mathematica

The purpose of this event is to promote scientific communication in mathematics among the women and establish a mathematical network for sharing and communicating with women mathematicians, experts and organizations with similar goals in this region.

This symposium will bring together leaders of professional organizations for women working in the mathematical sciences, particularly in mathematics research and mathematics education. Participants will have the opportunity to interact and share their research work in both pure and applied fields of mathematics, they will discuss how  to support and promote researchers and professionals in the respective countries, and they will exchange experiences with outreach activities for female students.

A major goal of the Symposium is to strengthen and create opportunities for women in mathematics in Nepal. Another goal is to create a regional nucleus for women in mathematics.