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PRO Versions

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is a simple application for budget preparation for the special event. The application allows you to record save and edit the pre and post events expenses. 

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Student Budget Planner

Student Budget Planner app keeps you updated with balance in hand and save the inputs for future references. The application allows you to record save and edit the incomes, study and personal expenses.

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Home Budget Calculator

The tool contains the list of common sources of incomes and expenses generally occur in monthly or annual basis. The user needs to keep adding the incomes and expenses as they come and it quickly updates you with the remaining balance in hand.

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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator is a handy tool for real estate broker, agent, Realtor and bank officer.
The tool can be used to evaluate the lending for a home. It give complete information with weekly, monthly, quarterly, Yearly loan repayments.
User can email the details, export the amortization and the payoff of the mortgage.

Expense Manager pro application keep track of your income and expenses source. 

Support multiple entries for deposit and expenditure sources in local currencies. It allow you to add new sources for incoming and outgoing money. Furthermore the optional descriptions can be added for almost every transactions.

Loan Repayment Calculator
The Complete package for the loan details you seek. Works well for Home Loan, Personal Loan, Educational Loan and Auto Loan requirements.
Detailed screens shows the product inputs and allow you to make changes and calculate the repayments and EMI details in the product with silk smooth touch controls. 

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A Must for Financial professionals. 

Free Versions

Saving Calculator Free
Allow you to do Quick Saving calculations and save them as the Saving product to view later. The User save the inputs as Saving product and can view Later the same. It allows to Calculate and evaluate your own Saving Plan. The Email function allow the user to email the Saving plan details.

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Expense Manager Lite
Expense manager lite is simple application for managing your incomes and expenses source. The application allows you to record save and edit your expenses and incomes easily and simply gives you the balance in hand. 

You can add new categories to your expense and income. Furthermore the descriptions can be added for important transactions.It allows you to manage your expenses and incomes directly on your smart phone. 

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Loan Calculator free
The free  version of Loan repayment calculator allows to evaluate your loan with monthly, quarterly and annual repayment or EMI options.Calculate and evaluate your Home, Personal, educational and Car Loan. Allow to do calculations with optional Introductory offer for Home Loan.

Evaluate the interest paid, ongoing and introductory repayments.Share the calculation result through email.Locale support for currency.Save your inputs as loan products.

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Saving Calculator Lite
The simple and easy to use Free version  
allows to Calculate and evaluate your Saving Plan.

User cannot save it to view later as in professional paid version. available, however user can e-mail the calculation results.The deep details about interest and balance are not available in this version. 

We recommend to try this version before you go for the paid one.

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Smoking Cost Calculator
The Smoking cost calculator provide the every niche details of the benefits in terms of saved time, health and money.  It kept you enthusiastic to stop smoking and help you to cope with low morale and anxiety
Beside it if you go for the future date to quit smoking it calculates the benefit can be made if you willing to stop today.

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