What is "Steel Madness" ?

Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday. Match starts at 9am at Raahauge's range in Norco.

In its simplest term: "Steel Madness" is an ever changing ALL steel shooting gallery. Using reactive steel targets, the shooter is tested on his or her ability to problem solve as in IPSC / USPSA, as well as shoot accurately as in Bullseye. To add realism and stress we add the element of time measured to 1/100 of a second.

A typical match will consist of 6 stages or scenarios. Each stage averages about 25-40 pieces of steel with about 200 targets or so total. Bring plenty of ammunition. Targets vary in size from 18" x 24" rectangles to 5" round plates shot at distances ranging from 7 to 40 yards.

The match is scored hit or miss. Accumulated time, plus 3 seconds per miss (no tricky formulas or factors) simply just plain fun and shooting with the greatest bunch of guys and gals on the planet!

Spectators always welcome but joining in on the fun is better! 

(must wear ear and eye protection)