pys60 extensions and apps

Note that you can find out more about these from Nokia's Python for S60 forum (use search). Information how to create extensions can be found here. Some source code is stored in subversion repository. Use "svn export <repo_url>" to checkout the source.


uikludges - enable right sofkey label modification
source+binaries for 2nd ed
source for 3rd
installation package for 3rd ed

cElementTree for pys60 - xml parser and container

  • for some reason this module uses lots of memory, about 1.5 MB RAM just to load it.
  • Pys60 does not have all the characters encodings that regular version has. This might to lead errors with like "LookupError: unknown encoding: windows-1251".

source+binaries for 2nd ed
installation package for 2n ed
source for 3rd ed
installation package for 3rd

UPDATE 2007-09-30! Brought this module up-to-date. Now works with 3rd fp1 / pys60 1.4.0 / carbide.c++ 1.2. Packages above are not updated, but if you wish to build from source, see here. It contains info how to build for device and emulator.

pys60 - usb connectivity between phone and pc
note: Jtoivala has updated this module, see this page:

pyrex for pys60
example + information package
Here are short instructions to setup pyrex for pys60.

fgimage - display image to foreground (top of all applications)

appswitch - switch between applications, close/kill applications

iapconnect - cheap socket.socket replacement that enables connecting using predefined internet access point
source+binary source for 3r ed version

akntextutils - wrap text to fit canvas screen
Search for akntextutils.pyd inside this package. Example usage.


dashboard - information pane displaying weather and calender info
note: currently not working, but might be still interesting code
download directory (contains screenshot)

tcs60fs - phone file system plugin for total commander
installation package


Copyright 2006 Simo Salminen

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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