The 55th Summer School on Algebra and Ordered Sets 2017 [photo]

Dedicated to honour the 80th birthday of Professor Tibor Katriňák [photos&videos]

Selected also as an event contributing to the 25th anniversary of Matej Bel University

Sept 3 - Sept 8, 2017

Main Speakers (“school programme“):

prof. Libor Barto (Prague, Czech Republic):

Universal algebra today
(3 lectures) 

prof. Brian A. Davey (Melbourne, Australia):

The homomorphism order: from graphs to algebras
(3 lectures) 

prof. Fred Wehrung (Caen, France)

Spectral spaces of Abelian lattice-ordered groups

(2 lectures) [photos&videos]

Slovak series

prof. Danica Jakubíková-Studenovská

(Košice, Slovakia):

Operators and classes of monounary algebras
(1 lecture) 

prof. Pavol Zlatoš (Bratislava, Slovakia):

On decidability of some classes of Stone algebras 
(1 lecture) 

Organizing Committee:

Miroslav Haviar (
(Faculty of Science UMB)

Conference Chair

Miroslav Ploščica (

(Faculty of Science UPJS)
Pavol Zlatoš (

(Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics UK)
Programme Co-Chairs

Štefan Gyürki
Daniela Guffová

Michal Ivaška

(all Faculty of Science UMB)
Organizing Co-Chairs