The 50th Summer School on Algebra and Ordered Sets

Dedicated to honour the 75th birthday of Professor Tibor Katriňák [photos&videos]

Selected as an event contributing to the 20th anniversary of Matej Bel University.

Sept 2 - Sept 7, 2012

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Brian A. Davey (Melbourne, Australia) [photos&videos]

Prof. Gábor Czédli (Szeged, Hungary) and Prof. George Grätzer* (Winnipeg, Canada) [photos&videos]

Prof. Miklós Maróti (Nashville, USA) [photos&videos]

*GG announced on 20 august he would not be able to participate but he prepared his lecture series with GC so we keep his name in the series

Organizing Committee:  

Doc. Miroslav Haviar (
Conference Chair

Doc. Miroslav Ploščica ( 
Prof. Pavol Zlatoš ( 
Programme Co-Chairs
Thank you to all participants for coming and making the jubilee 50th Summer school on Algebra and Ordered Sets so special. Thank you to my PhD student Michal Ivaška for creating and maintaining this conference web-site. Miroslav Haviar (10 Sept 2012)