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Section Info

Explanation of Class Time

In our sections, we will take advantage of our departmental videos to help introduce us to each topic at a basic level. During class, we will go over more confusing concepts and delve deeper into each section’s material. A colleague of ours once said, “Students don’t go to an English class and read Shakespeare. They read Shakespeare at home and go to class to discuss and expand on what they read.” This is exactly what we are doing with the videos in our course. The videos will lay groundwork which we will expand on in class. Because of your extra efforts, we will be able to spend more time practicing how to use the .definitions and theorems to solve problems and relating course content. I expect everyone to come to class having watched the videos and ready to participate. For a portion of the class, students will be expected to work on problems and communicate with each other as we circulate to answer questions.

The lectures will be led using a flipped-type teaching model. You are expected to watch short lecture videos BEFORE class that explain the main concepts and vocabulary--these will prepare you for a short homework assignment (due at the beginning of class).  Then, we will spend time during class working on problems and discussing with classmates. Our goal is to talk at you less to help you learn with your classmates more. You will review the content in your recitation, and usually take a quiz. In summary, here's what a typical week looks like:

Before class Monday: Watch videos and fill out lecture notes for Section 1
Monday: Lecture about Section 1; Start section 1 Webwork
Tuesday: Finish Section 1 Webwork
Before class WednesdayWatch videos and fill out lecture notes for Section 2
Wednesday: Lecture about Section 2; Start Section 2 Webwork
Thursday: Finish Section 2 Webwork
Friday: Review in recitation; Quiz (Sections 1 and 2)
Lecture Structure

Before: Complete the "Problems to Attempt Before Class". These are contained in the course notes, as well as individually linked on the course schedule.

During: Work on problems, discuss with classmates, teacher demonstrations to clarify concepts.

After: Complete problems in lecture notes that were skipped. Start Webwork.

Questions (5-15 minutes): Your recitation leader will answer questions you bring to class (from lecture notes, textbook, or webwork).

Group Learning (20-30 minutes): You will work through the recitation notes for the day. These are not intended to be completed during recitation---there is just not enough time. These are linked on the course schedule, so you should work ahead if you feel rushed during recitation, and you should complete the notes after recitation.

Quiz (15 minutes): Most recitations will conclude with a short quiz that will cover the content from the week. Problems will be similar to the lecture notes, recitation notes, and webwork.

Note: The quiz points for our section will be earned primarily by taking in-class quizzes in recitation. In addition, you will earn quiz points by correctly completing a page of problems and submitting it at the beginning of each lecture. There will be a total of 12 quizzes and each quiz will be 10 points.