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Beginning-of-Semester Leniency

posted Jan 24, 2019, 12:01 PM by Andrew Krause
We know that the structure of MTH 132 can be confusing at first---figuring out the PreHW, online Webwork, course notes, and recitation activities can be tricky!

To accommodate this learning curve, we will accept make-up PreHW assignments (Problems to Attempt before Class) for the first 2 quizzes ONLY---these are due next Wednesday (1/30) during lecture!

After Quiz 2, there will be no make-ups for the PreHW.  You must turn in each PreHW at the beginning of each class---no exceptions! The goal of these assignments is to encourage you to watch the lecture videos and prepare for class so that you have grappled with the material prior to class.  For that reason, there are no make-up points available for PreHW complete during or after class--period.  This includes late submissions during class---we will be collecting the sheet approximately 10 minutes after class begins and will not accept the PreHW after that.

If you are going to miss a lecture, the ONLY way to receive points for the missed PreHW is to complete that assignment BEFORE your absence.  You can turn in the assignment during lecture, recitation, or in office hours before the class that it is due. No electronic submissions will be accepted.