Star Revolution X History - Part 2

Fanaticism, Dedication and Allegiance Under the Banner of the Blue X
Part 2 of the History of Star Revolution X - Early 2016 to 2018

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This recount of Star Revolution X (SRX) history has been put together through first accounts of those who were present during the events at the time, interviews with team members and ex-team members, and the historical archives of SRX's longest continuous serving member, DreadLordNaf.

The Bromidic Era - The Calm Before the Storm (early 2016 to late 2016)

The first era in the second chapter in SRX's history was prosperous with the usual minor conflicts but otherwise unmarked by any major events of originality. In summary the team continued to grow and the Hemp Fleet (Ada Souls) continued to be a pain in the ass.

Ada Souls settled adjacent to SRX territory following the uni reset of January 2016 but Paladin brokered a truce with the drug addled -13- that lasted until the universe end. During this time the team Resident Evil eventually reached “peak irritation” with the Hemp Fleet and attacked their main wild space system of Meltdown, utterly destroying the system and kicking Ada Souls out of wild space completely.  After negotiations between Resident Evil and Ada Souls to resell Meltdown back to them broke down, SRX quietly moved in and claimed the system unopposed after it became unowned.

One lesson that the team learned the hard way from the earlier Epoch of Relative Stability was in regards to HQ/main prod galaxy placement.  Not only should it factor in defensive positioning and resources, but also take into account the name and spelling of the system too. After spending the previous uni continually misspelling the command “/ap Zubenelakrab” where the team’s main proddy was,  it was vowed going forward that future HQ or main proddy system names should be 3 syllables or less.

When the universe reset in mid-2016 a major SRX influence departed the team.  Paladin, who had elevated the team’s base building skills to new heights, decided to transcend to a new plane of existence and left the team for Red Faction in May of 2016. Councillor Chikushodopain also departed for Red Faction then later moved on to Resident Evil.  Their departure was sad but the knowledge Paladin imparted on the team in terms of proper base building remained and would continue to benefit SRX indefinitely.

[The Zubenelakrab system pictured on the left was one of the main sources of /ap fails prior to the Bromidic Era.]

With Paladin gone and the peace that he helped broker gone with him, the mid-year uni reset brought with it the returning pattern of conflict.  The Hemp Fleet declared war on SRX once again and through a surprise attack took the key connector system of Samelheid, cutting team space in half and forcing the relocation of SRX headquarters.  Samelheid was later regained through negotiations with Ada Souls but in the chaos other teams launched opportunistic efforts against SRX.  Lemon who led the team Red Faction strong armed SRX with threats of attacks in order to gain control of the Alamak system which contained valuable Kikale Mzungu Warfare ruins that SRX had defended against AS.

Despite some minor conflicts with The Hemp Fleet and Red Faction the team overall did quite well during the Bromidic Era and a certain plant on the team had produced a bumper crop of Adamantium grown in the mines of the Barrett system.

The Forever Enduring Uni (Late 2016 to Early 2017)

September of 2016 to March of 2017 marked one of the longest ever recorded universe lengths in Star Sonata history, coming in at almost six months.  Universe restarts tended to act as a natural reset for diplomatic hostilities and relations among teams, closing out grudges and letting everyone start fresh.  Perhaps because of the lack of such a reset for this extended period of time, SRX experienced one of the wildest rides ever in terms of diplomatic relations that swung erratically over the course of a half a year.

[SRX initially experienced minor conflict with Resident Evil during the Forever Enduring Uni but later ended up siding with the team and befriending many of its members.]

The roller coaster ride of team relations started with team Resident Evil annexing an SRX system of worthless Kikale Mzungu ruins that they thought were valuable.  Given Resident Evil's power at the time SRX coordinated with Traders and team Salt and Pepper (whose systems were under attack by the Resident Evil fleet), on how best to contain the Resident Evil horde from overrunning the entire Universe.  And while SRX participation in the conflict was relatively minor, Resident Evil suffered a catastrophic loss to their team space after a major Traders attack following a bugged rate-of-fire change to how bases worked.  It’s rumored that Traders knew at the time the bases were broken yet conducted the attack anyway (or perhaps because of it), but the truth behind the matter remains elusive to this day.  

In the end Traders reneged on the ceasefire to end the galactic conflict and broke their deal with Salt and Pepper over a mega-rich Adamantium system they had taken from Resident Evil during the conflict. Due to Traders members being strung out all the time from their Adamantium addiction they lost their ability to reason right from wrong and eventually annihilated team Salt and Pepper after taking the Adamantium-rich system. Somehow though in the midst of all the chaos SRX and SunDog60 claimed Emperor of the Universe status for approximately 5 minutes.

[It was never quite clear how Sun briefly became Emperor but it's rumored some scheming by a certain brutal plant had a part in it.]

After the genocide of Salt and Pepper by Traders, refugees from the destroyed team were later welcomed on SRX including CLX and the world-infamous ship/item/aug nerfer known as Hober Mallow. The jigsaw puzzle and rubber banding of team relations and conflict eventually calmed down with the eventual end of the Forever Enduring Uni but historians today note that the conflict and results of it that occurred during this time period planted the seed that would foreshadow some of the most epic galactic wars that were to ever occur in Star Sonata.

[One of the most infamous nerfer-devs in Star Sonata joined SRX in early 2017 under the team's refugee resettlement and displaced peoples program.]

The Beginnings of the Great War (early 2017 to mid 2017)

With diplomatic relations calm after the Forever Enduring Uni, SRX got off to a relatively successful uni start in early 2017.  A record number of wild space systems were settled and sticking to its 3-syllable or less policy for HQ system names, Morressi was deemed team headquarters.

[One of SRX's historical enemies re-emerged with a vengeance in early 2017.]

Within weeks of the uni start the known terrorist and coked-up leader of the Hemp Fleet, -13-,  re-emerged and launched an all-out war against SRX taking numerous systems on the team’s eastern front due to the surprising veracity of his initial attacks.  SRX quickly responded with extreme fortification efforts and eventually the Ada Souls Hemp Fleet attacks got bogged down in a brutal war of attrition on the cold eastern front of SRX space.   Both sides launched attacks on the other with some minor systems changing hands and then changing again. Billions of credits worth of bases and hundreds of drones were deployed in the back and forth battles but the Maginot Line of entrenched SRX systems held strong and the border between SRX core systems and Ada Souls barely moved after months of intense conflict.

[Victory in Tarshish over the Hemp Fleet invaders.]

Then on one quiet summer evening in June of 2017 everything changed and life under the banner of the blue X would never be the same again.  After going into anaphylactic shock from eating too many Little Debbie brand cupcakes, SunDog60, while in his passed out state had a vision come to him on how to elevate SRX to an epic new level of awesomeness and change the balance of power in the universe forever.  With multiple systems still under siege from the Hemp Fleet, resources getting depleted from the war and SRX ship captains exhausted from the constant fighting against a meth-driven extremist, SunDog60 decided to declare all-out war on Traders, one of the most powerful teams in the game.

[The decision to go to war against Traders seemed illogical to many but was in fact the result of a thousand different pieces of a galactic puzzle falling into place that would cause a cascading chain of events through space-time that would eventually lead to SRX's ascendance and Traders' demise. Only in his sugar-induced state of unconsciousness was SunDog60 able to see this vision come together and see the radical first steps that needed to be taken in order to start the dominoes falling as depicted here.]

With little understanding of the reasons for the attack and puzzlement on behalf of SRX councillors, the team eventually rallied behind SunDog60 and joined some other teams to attack the Emperor’s Throne on Anatolia that Traders currently held.  Needless to say the attack failed miserably.  Not only did it fail miserably but it’s rumored to have occurred at the very precise moment that more Traders were online than had been in months, having a team meeting to discuss the possibility of disbanding.  Due to the SRX attack Traders put their disbanding effort on hold while they unified to counterattack and siege SRX space.  The one-front war against Ada Souls now turned into a multi-front war with Traders and their near unlimited resources attacking from the west and north and their newfound allies the Hemp Fleet continuing to assault the SRX eastern front. Resources and player endurance on SRX were pushed to their limit but SunDog60, who had started to exhibit cult-leader-like tendencies ever since his vision, assured the team it was all part of the prophecy and SRX dedication never wavered.

[While SRX formally initiated the war against Traders, the team wasn't exactly innocent in its' behavior toward SRX prior to this when it was revealed that they had been bankrolling the Ada Souls terrorists who were attacking SRX systems.  Traders' members had also engaged in abusive behavior toward SRX including allowing rogue members of their team to PvP lower level SRX recruits when they were trying to level up.  The genocide of allied SRX teams such as team Salt and Pepper and the killing of SRX industrial trade ships only furthered worsened relations.  By the time SunDog60 launched the attack on Anatolia most SRX'ians felt that the war was more than justified on moral ground.]

Outgunned, out-resourced, and out-crack cocained by Traders and Ada Souls, by all measurable metrics SRX should’ve been easily defeated by the joint Trader/Hemp Fleet alliance.  But instead some of the most epic victories in SRX history took place through the sheer fanaticism, dedication and allegiance of SRX members.  The Little Debbie inspired attack on Anatolia, while initially a failure, led to the Great Galactic War of 2017 and the most conflict driven period in recorded SRX history. While unknown to all participatants at the time, looking back this war would mark the very beginning of the end for team Traders and the start of a radicalization process for SRX that would result in members' zeal and conviction reaching new extremes.

[SRX councillors were initially a bit skeptical of SunDog60's decision but eventually came around.]

After Traders joined the war against SRX the fighting was non-stop  The one significant advantage SRX had in the battles that would prove pivotal wasn’t resources, credits, or even battle experience, but the sheer raw number of unique active players. Many of the battles consisted of an overwhelming Trader and Ada Souls attack force consisting mainly of multi-cliented accounts that was successfully held off by a small handful of unique SRX players utilizing tractor ships.  These battles highlighted the glaring weakness of the resource-rich yet player-scarce Traders: they couldn’t effectively micromanage their characters and bases against tractor ships when multi-clienting.

SRX members old and new organized rotating watches to spot Ada Souls and Traders attacks before they could fully setup.  At a moments notice a rapid response brigade of a dozen SRX players with their tractor ships could swoop in and disrupt an attack.  Players such as Unholyninja and Faranight earned their mettle performing grueling night long guard duty to be on the look out for surprise attacks. Other members on the team such as Nynu, Sunshine, and Fluffybrenna leveled up in the art of PvP'ing and BvB'ing.

One of the major battles of the war was a two-pronged attack on SRX space by Traders attempting to PvB one system while initiating a major BvB on another, in this case the BvB against the western SRX system of Aetolia. Led by the Traders leadership of Darksteel and Enkelin along with Thermal (who is now owned by ThunderStrike not to be confused with the original Thermal from years ago), the two-pronged attack aimed to cut off nearly all core SRX systems from the HQ which would've had a devastating effect on team resources. Fortunately quick spotting by the SRX player sentries stopped the PvB in it’s tracks and the rapid player-based defense deployment at Aetolia forced the battle into the now traditional battle of a small number of Traders playing with dozens of multi-client accounts versus a large number of unique SRX players utilizing gunners and tractor ships.  The battle was close due to the deployment of multiple Traders pulse kits but nonetheless victory for SRX occurred and a notable achievement was broken for a longtime Trader and Star Sonata player, losing his first ever BvB to SRX. It was only fitting that SRX came out victorious in this battle, especially since the Traders BvB setup was only achievable through a spy named Shadow's Angel that was on SRX (later kicked off) and who was abusing the team-leaving mechanic to lay warp beacons. Also present in this battle to assist Traders was the now infamous bot-exploiter Curse. Even with his hacks, SRX prevailed.

[One day after the Battle for Aetolia.]

The humiliating Trader loss at Aetolia ushered in the unofficial “Age of Suntanking” due to how effective the tactic of placing bases on top of Suns was in order to avoid pulse shots.  

With SRX having limited material resources and credits, the team was often forced into using numerous drones for defense rather than deploying expensive Ada kits. Given the amount of active players SRX had, rapidly deploying permanent drones where needed became an effective “budget defense” tactic.  Drone stats had already been a bit overpowered for almost the entire universe length with no apparent rush to fix them on part of the developers. They were immediately prioritized for “re-balancing” though after about the second Trader loss where drones played a notable role.

Other noteworthy western front battles included the June 2017 attempted invasion of Kumyt by a Traders PvB task force.  Once again the active SRX watch sentries spotted Traders early and easily wiped out the attacking force.  The Trader assault group then quickly regathered and tried to invade the system of Vulpecula which also resulted in failure. Unfortunately a week later Vulpecula fell due to the Trader attack occurring at odd hours and only a single SRX player, Faranight, there to defend. Despite the overwhelming odds Faranight valiantly held them off for hours before the system eventually fell.

[This historical map shows the locations of major battles during the early wars against Traders and the Hemp Fleet.]

On the eastern front the stalemate remained and the SRX active player led defense proved almost unbreakable against the drug fueled Hemp Fleet.  During the summer siege of Tarshish stealthed SRX sentries watched and observed Ada Souls carefully setup their ships for almost an hour in preparation for BvB with a massive SRX fleet waiting to strike in the next system over.  Once the Ada Souls kits were deployed the SRX fleet warped in and destroyed them before they could even fight back.  The quickness of the counterattack prevented the Hemp Fleet from emptying their bases leading to a bounty of gear acquired from the destroyed station kits.

Despite the drain on resource from the war the team fared well economically.  The system of Imparveon was ultrarich in Adamantium and ruled over by a brutal sentient plant who squeezed every last drop of labor from the local miners resulting in their near genocide but also a record production of the valuable mineral.

On the PvAI front the team was also making progress. Team members such as Christanamo, Deano, KillZEmAwll, Battlecruiser Hero, Xolz and Urza played an integral role in both BvB and boss fights. The team was venturing more into Perilous Perilous Space (PPS) and doing Twisted runs and taking on the Bana King himself. The SRX designated PPS explorer, Ben, traded a huge sum up front to the player known as Kane to get the location of the Bana King so the team could loot his drops. Shortly after that trade the King was locked due to bugs and everyone remained salty from that experience except Kane of course.

[SRX councillors Uradingus and MAD187 served as pillars of stability during the conflict heavy era, providing internal team infrastructure, economic support, boss kill participation and assistance with training up SRX recruits who were new to the game.

The Brutal Reign of DictatorFlora (approximately 5 days in Mid 2017)

Toward the end of Uni the SRX dear leader, Sundog60, was forced to take a brief leave of absence, most likely to go into food addiction rehab for his sugar eating habits. In his absence Eleagnus Multiflora was promoted to team leader. DictatorFlora’s first course of action was to make an internal team video that showcased his supreme ultimate powers now that he was director.  Besides this nothing much else happened during the brief Reign of DictatorFlora and Sundog60 later resumed his duties as team leader when he returned from rehab.

[The oppressive regime of DictactorFlora was thankfully brief.]

Great Warriors from afar join the Crusade (Mid-2017 to late 2017)

A major development for the team occurred in mid-2017 as the team grew in capabilities by a significant amount.  Powerful space faring entities from team Resident Evil such as Samwise the 3rd, Bob, TCGM, Jv2, USSbrown and Masterful merged with SRX.  The cunning strategist Danger from Red Faction decided to join the team in their righteous crusade against Traders and brought with him numerous other members such as Salometic, Elly, and a return of Acedousstar1. Key players from Deep Space Federation such as Adonis Max, ClxS and Yipper also heeded the call and decided to fly the banner of the blue X against Traders. Team Communists led by Daedalus came into the fold along with his companions Joew121, genius1, Mr Ping and Comrade Rachel.  Later on the excessive base builder goofy from Blazing Phoenix would join the ranks. The power of these new SRX members when combined with the fanaticism of the radicalized SRX zealots created a menacing new force and elevated the team to new heights.

[SRX grew significantly in 2017 from the merging of Resident Evil, Deep Space Federation, Communists, Red Faction and Blazing Phoenix.]
The July 2017 uni reset started off with a bang.  The wars with Traders and Ada Souls were still in effect and resumed day one of the new universe.   Thermal from Traders had attempted to take the resource rich system of Biologique, monopolizing the valuable Microbes Amoureuses commodity for their team.  Despite laying three Adamantium kits he was no match for the dedicated SRX fleet who were determined to claim Biologique at all costs. Within minutes of the universe reset SRX had found the system and crushed the Traders bases defending it. SRX then occupied Biologique for the rest of the universe.

In one of the most humorous battles of the war, a massive Trader PvB attack force attempted to invade the lightly defended SRX connector system of Al Niyat with plans to outpost it and then attack the neighboring SRX HQ system of Fenton with 10 Ada kits which could've possibly ended SRX's presence in Wild Space. But before they could even destroy a single base in Al Niyat the Traders fleet was wiped out by a termite mound infesting the system. Not surprisingly shortly after this embarrassing defeat for Traders the aggro targeting code for Termites which had long needed improvement but was low on the fixing list, got immediately prioritized for “re-balancing” after the events at Al Niyat.

[Victory in Naenara over the Traders-bankrolled Hemp Fleet terrorists.]

[Termites, which were usually nothing more than a nuisance in Star Sonata, annihilated a Traders PvB attack force in the system of Al Niyat that would've opened up the SRX HQ in Fenton to direct assault. While not one of the major battles of the war, it was a morally devastating loss for Traders who had their well-planned and organized effort stopped dead in its tracks by the local insects.]

With the new pro BvB'ers on the team from the recent merges and longtime existing SRX players such as PSS, NCC, Deceleration, EpicSonata, Bad at Games, Covenant and many others leading the charge, the mid to late 2017 universe was a non-stop action packed war of awesomeness against Traders. No major SRX systems were taken by Traders during this uni and the SRX fleet successfully invaded and outposted numerous Traders systems forcing the enemy to abandon their expansion plans in order to refocus on fortifying against the SRX offensive. Around autumn of 2017 rumors were coming into SRX Intelligence that the ongoing war against Traders which had lasted for almost three months now, was taking its toll on their morale. At the same time SRX morale had never been higher. Knowing this SRX changed strategies against Traders and focused on containment, drawing the war into a bloody and costly war of attrition which SRX had the upper hand in.

[Victory in Baktun over Traders.]

Eminent Death Star Alliance and the Fall of Traders (Late 2017 to early 2018)

With the new universe reset in November of 2017 the prospects for Traders entered its end-game. Almost five months after the SRX Trader war had begun, one of the oldest and most well-established teams in the game, Eminence Front, joined SRX in the war against Traders. Traders once again had reneged on a deal, in this case an agreement with Eminence Front regarding system ownership in the center of the universe, angering them to the point of war. The up and coming team Death Mental which was led by former SRX'ians at the time also joined the cause and the Eminent Death Star Alliance (EDSA) was formed with the goal of crushing the Trader plague infesting on the universe.

[Eminence Front joining the war was the nail in the coffin for Traders. Well, more like the nail that went through the coffin, gutted the body inside, came out the other end of the coffin, continued into the ground, penetrated the limestone below, and then proceeded onto the planet's crust and core.]

With the overwhelming force of Eminence Front Ada kits, the newly committed Death Mental offensive, and the continuous attacks by the organizationally-challenged yet fanatical SRX fundamentalists, the once great Traders crumbled rapidly in the face of such odds. While Traders put up a valiant fight in a few of their systems such as the 12 hour marathon defense of Electra which resulted in their win, such victories for them would be few and far between in the coming weeks. Their morale, player endurance, and dedication couldn't withstand the joint EDSA onslaught that caused dozens of Trader systems to fall over the course of a month.

[Graph presented without comment.]

Perhaps due to the teams slightly masochistic nature, the almost seven month long SRX-Trader war had somehow boosted SRX morale to new heights while at the same time straining Traders' members to their breaking point. The final push by the Eminence Front fleet then put a sledgehammer through that breaking point and then some. On January 5th, 2018, with the Eminence Front fleet at their doorstop, Traders surrendered to them and certain high-ranking Traders members were indentured to Eminence Front as part of the peace deal. The surrender only included a cease fire between Traders and Eminence Front though and as of writing this SRX still remains at war with Ada Souls and Traders to this day.

[Despite Traders criticism of SRX for utilizing the suntanking mechanic in mid-2017, Traders themselves had no issue using the tactic to the extreme when it benefited them against the joint EDSA forces.]

The 2016 to 2018 time period marked one of the most conflict driven eras in all of SRX history. New members would join who would expand the teams capabilities and others would leave but bring with them a new found friendship for their former teammates. For nearly nine months in 2017 SRX was at war, either under siege or at siege throughout it all. Such conflict either makes a team or breaks it. In this case it elevated SRX members' fanaticism, dedication and allegiance to never before seen levels and the team prospered because of it.

Throughout it all SRX members shared the same overarching desire and drive. To fly, build, fight and die together under the banner of the blue X and all that it represents in the past, present, and future....

Star Revolution X

[DreadLordNaf in his FC Antu, as photographed by DreadLordNaf. Designer skin by PSS.]

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