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     A great deal of attention has been paid to the rapid growth of the internet, proliferation of information - especially born-digital content, and the development of technologies in response to these trends. Viewing this changing landscape through a lens of the human and social condition would lead to better understanding how human needs drive, are served by and change information and technology. We anticipate an exploration of the human condition from the individual to society as a whole.

e-GlobalNetWork will focus on how people transform information as well as how information transforms people. Submissions by researchers and practitioners are solicited on a wide range of human-centered approaches to topics including but not limited to the following: 

  • Individual identities and how they are transformed by the impact of information technologies
  • The societal archive – is it disappearing and/or being marginalized?
  • Societal attentions and how emphasis on information technology either allows or hinders these
  • Openness, access and privacy issues
  • Generational, economic, and socio-cultural dimensions of impact of information on people’s lives
  • Cognitive and emotional aspects of interactions with information
  • Reshaping the boundary between personal and public information space
  • The effect of collective information creation on authority and trust
  • Information by the people for the people
  • The role of information in connecting people and community building
  • How well is current technology meeting human needs, and what should future technology research and development involve to better meet our needs?

While information and communication technologies (ICT) were once seen as a discrete sub-interest within the our field, theoretical and empirical studies of ICT, people, and information, particularly in the worlds of work and sociality, now pervade most interest groups within e-GlobalNetWork. ICT are increasingly a part of the core goals, stubborn problems, and research streams across the subfields of Library and Information Science. In keeping with the theme of the conference, the relationships of mutual shaping between people and information, as mediated by technology, have been objects of study within social informatics for years; the assumption of the fundamental importance of mutual shaping is well accepted among social informatics researchers. According to Horton, Davenport, and Wood-Harper (2005; 52) “the impetus for researchers to consider both social and technical aspects as mutually constitutive as a means of understanding technology introduction and use had a growing audience.”

Starting with a broad conceptualization of ICT that emphasizes technologies in tandem with the data, information or cultural resources they store, transport and display, this symposium will highlight research focusing on the social realities of ICT based information systems (broadly defined) and their roles in the transformative relationships between people and information in order to better understand the following types of questions:

  • How are the design, implementation, use, disuse, and ongoing reconfiguration of information and ICTs influenced by social groups, organizations, politics, and culture? How do information and ICTs shape those creating, implementing and using them?

  • What are the roles of information and information systems in ongoing social change at various levels of social analysis such as groups, organizational units, political entities or cultural systems?

  • What are the complex reciprocal relationships among information, information systems and the people, social groups and environments that surround and pervade them?

  • What are the variations in meanings or interpretations of information systems across social groups?

  • What are the moral or ethnical consequences of ICT system development and use?

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