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Stephen F. Austin 

Funeral Re-enactment 2015

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SRT: Stephen F. Austin No. 6

Welcome to the Sons of the Republic of Texas: Stephen F. Austin # 6 Chapter.


The purpose of our non-profit organization is to preserve Texas history and encourage research of our ancestry. We strive to promote life -long learning of Texas history and promote community activities that teach others about the history of our great state.


Our mission is that of our parent organization Sons of the Republic of Texas found at www.srttexas.org.

The mission of the SRT shall be to:
(a)Encourage research and publication of historical records and documents prior to and during the Republic of Texas; (b)Foster the preservation of historic sites, documents, and artifacts, prior to February 19, 1846; (c)Participate in community activities, which remind the public of its Republic of Texas heritage; and (d)Organize, promote, publicize and commemorate the observance of the following historical dates of the Republic of Texas.