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AADL Video: "Our Water, Our Future" Panel

AADL's video of the 3/22/2011
Our Water, Our Future: A Local Panel (co-sponsored by the University of Michigan's Winter 2011 LSA Theme Semester on Water) is available for viewing and downloading at http://www.aadl.org/video/view/9676

Thanks to AADL's Eli Neiburger and his staff for getting this informative video up quickly so more people can view it and be more informed before they come to the DEQ's public meeting on the decision to cut back on the Pall/Gelman dioxane cleanup (7pm, Wednesday, March 30, 2011, at Abbot School)

The segments of the video dealing with Pall/Gelman dioxane are at ~20:40-29:20, 1:13:55-1:25:55, 1:29:55-1:33:35.

Clarification Note: At about the 1:20:30 point in the video, Molly Wade apparently misspoke when she said 3-5 parts per billion occasionally is detected at the water treatment plant... what she meant was 3-5 ppb is occasionally detected at the SEWER treatment plant.