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10/23/1995 DEQ Public Meeting video on Gelman 1995 cleanup plan

10/23/1995 DEQ Public Meeting on Gelman 1995 dioxane cleanup plan

DEQ Public Meeting, October 23, 1995, Scio Township Hall, explaining Gelman's 1,4-dioxane groundwater cleanup plan... an acceptable cleanup plan at the time... before Pall Corporation took over Gelman Sciences and before Danaher took over Pall. The 1995 plan worked out over several months by community stakeholders and Gelman Sciences President and COO Kim Davis when he was in charge of the cleanup from spring 1995 to spring 1996. But the acceptable plan was withdrawn when Chuck Gelman took back control of the cleanup and Pall Corporation took over Gelman Sciences.

Highlights from above video
1:48-2:37-3ppb promise-cleanup to begin quickly
2:45-3:43-full resampling to understand problem
3:42-5:00-must remediate the dioxane-must not affect anyone else
5:00-5:25-something new-Gelman sharing info
5:40-6:20-reinjection is right thing to do-not to creek
6:33-7:16-to creek at 0-3 ppb only if reinjections doesn't work
7:30-8:39-western plume-Core area cleanup critical-solve problem together
8:40-9:10-ongoing working group
20:17-20:52-dioxane acts like water
27:22-30:04-desc of plumes
1:03:54-1:05:29-DEQ commits to 3 ppb to creek
1:08:49-1:09:15-Chuck Gelman's role?
1:11:24-1:11:33-sharing data with public
1:15:33-1:16:12-DEQ reiterates 3 ppb to creek
1:16:27-1:18:58-DEQ contacts-will change consent judgement-optomistic
1:21:06-1:23:35-Kim Davis on treating to less than 77 ppb-equipment rated to <3ppb
 1:26:43-1:29:01-Roger Rayle on citizen involvement and 1995 risk std changes