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03/11/2011 - Consent Judgment Changes Reduce Pall/Gelman Cleanup Requirements

MDNRE Reverses Itself and Approves Reduced Pall/Gelman Cleanup

This is bad news.

Back in May 2009, the DNRE rejected (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxJy1H82W-0&feature=player_embedded) Pall/Gelman's plan (http://www.box.net/shared/scz1cgsjkm) to let more dioxane to spread unremediated, but now (on 3/8/2011) after 20+ months of secret negotiations between the DNRE and Pall/Gelman ... and without any prior public disclosure and hearings on what was negotiated, it is already part of the revised Consent Judgment. (This reflects the weakness of Michigan's current environmental rules.)

This action not only transfers more costs and risks to the public... it allows the responsible party, Pall/Gelman, to prematurely walk away from the site and avoid an effective, protective, and community-acceptable cleanup.