Pall/Gelman Site in Google Earth

Separate Components - most included in Mashup above
3D Dioxane Plume Maps 1992-2016 (264KB) **new 02/14/2017**
2D Dioxane Plume Maps 1992-2016 (3MB) **new 02/14/2017**

** Pall-Gelman Dioxane Samples 4D map 1986-2016 (984KB) **new 02/14/2017**
** Complete, corrected dioxane readings NOT AVAILABLE since PALL/GELMAN moved their database **

** Wells Sampled - Tables/Graphs 1986-2016 (236KB) **new 02/14/2017**
Max ppb per well by year 1986-2016 (54KB) **new 02/15/2017**
Wells- high reads - no reads - nd reads 1986-2016 (96KB) **updated 03/15/2017**

1995 Gelman database vs 2016 database (45KB) **new 02/25/2017**
more on 1995 database vs 2016 database                                                      

Water Features (4MB) **updated 02/14/2017**
Groundwater Flows (16MB)
Misc Maps (2MB) **updated 02/14/2017**

missing locations (locations shown on various Pall submittals not included in the supposedly complete DEQ well database) 

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Google Earth - Pall-Gelman Site History-2009-04 (600KB)

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