Pall/Gelman Site in Google Earth

Separate Components - most included in Mashup above
3D Dioxane Plume Maps 1992-2016 (264KB) **new 02/14/2017**
2D Dioxane Plume Maps 1992-2016 (3MB) **new 02/14/2017**

** Pall-Gelman Dioxane Samples 4D map 1986-2016 (984KB) **new 02/14/2017**
** Complete, corrected dioxane readings NOT AVAILABLE since PALL/GELMAN moved their database **

** Wells Sampled - Tables/Graphs 1986-2016 (236KB) **new 02/14/2017**
Max ppb per well by year 1986-2016 (54KB) **new 02/15/2017**
Wells- high reads - no reads - nd reads 1986-2016 (96KB) **updated 03/15/2017**

1995 Gelman database vs 2016 database (45KB) **new 02/25/2017**
more on 1995 database vs 2016 database                                                      

Water Features (4MB) **updated 02/14/2017**
Groundwater Flows (16MB)
Misc Maps (2MB) **updated 02/14/2017**
Cross-Section paths & maps related to diagrams here **updated 06/07/2017**

Google Maps Overlays (1KB) (use Google Maps as alternate base layer to make image lighter with opacity setting)

missing locations (locations shown on various Pall submittals not included in the supposedly complete DEQ well database) 

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Google Earth - Pall-Gelman Site History-2009-04 (600KB)

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