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Last Complete Sampling Database from Pall/Gelman was December 2010!
PLS cuts off DEQ access to groundwater sampling database

Well Location discrepancies among available databases (some databases have locations not on or names different than other databases)

Pall/Gelman Sampling Data through December 2017 (brief version - WellName/Dioxane-ppb/DateSampled/Comments
(** Reconstituted from monthly summaries without resolution of anomalies between  Pall Gelman's old and new databases **) 

Well Screen Elevations (how deep is the pollution?)

2004-2010 deep Evergreen SWLs Motion Chart (water levels 2004-2010 in deeper Evergreen aquifer)

Max ppb / year Motion Chart- 2010 (view the dioxane sampling data over time)

Dioxane Treatment Costs