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(High-res, text-searchable versions now available at AADL's Old News/Pall-Gelman Cleanup site.) (Faster-to-load spreadsheet list of above)

View the Ann Arbor News'/Mlive's own online articles about Pall/Gelman Site: search-dioxane

  • 02/11/07 View Powerpoint Graphs of Pall 1,4-Dioxane Sampling Data 1986-2006
  • 05/14/05 View Powerpoint of Pall Unit E Contamination Flow Projections and DEQ Proposed Restricted Zone & summary maps
  • Review SRSW News Article Archive about Pall/Gelman site 1999-2004
  • Why Wasn't E Plume Caught Earlier
  • A Case Study of Environmental Contamination: Gelman Sciences Inc. - 1988 - University of Michigan [link]