Important Focus of The SRSD Process
  • Helps students create mind maps, process and paths for optimal problem solving.

  • Gives students the tools to become critical thinkers, curators, and creators--this is valuable!

  • Shows students how to break down complex text and problems to manageable pieces that leads to precise, accurate, and understandable responses, solutions, and presentations.



When students employ the SRSD, Self Regulation Strategy Development, approach to math problem solving, their ability to solve problems with confidence and success deepens and develops. It's important for educators to employ this approach too as they plan, prepare, practice, and facilitate math problem solving learning experiences.

This website has been written to support intermediate and middle school teachers when using this approach. I recommend using the site in the following ways.
  1. First, study the SRSD approach via the web or with a consultant. Leslie Laud at ThinkSRSD introduced the approach to educators in my school system and me.
  2. Next employ the approach with each unit of study, matching the SRSD process with meaningful problems related to math units of study. 
  3. Reflect, evaluate, and revise as you implement the approach so that it best matches your students' needs/interests, curriculum expectations/goals, and teaching/learning context.