Officer Positions

District Officers
    Chief of Science: Michelle Wong
    Chief of Analytics: Luke Elissiry
Secretary/Treasurer: Tiffany Chu
Communications/Fair Coordinator: Joaquin Taylor

Local Officers
Head Mentors: Lizzy Vojvoda and Lillian Ohara
Head Supervisors: Brendan Le Tourneau and Brandon Garnsey
Activities Coordinators: Brendan Allio and Ethan Christensen
Leadership Liaison: Cameron Costello
Mentor Supervisors*:
    1. Nick Teng
    2. Jake Molieri
    3. Julie Lake
    4. Paulameena Shultes
    5. Sam Pearlstein

Advisor: Ms. Tretten

* Mentor Supervisors are officer and mentor hybrids. This position entails the duties of the assigned officer position; however, if there are less than 60 mentors next year, they must be a mentor as well.