Officer Positions 2017-18


        Ella Do

        Maya Gonzalez


        Cathy Sigamony

Head Mentors:

 Lucy Guo

 Braeden Pugh

Activities Coordinators:

Nicole Johnson

 Aashish Suresh

Leadership Liaisons:

Amal Alyousfi

        Sam Morgan

Mentor Supervisors*:

        Marie Klaire Choy

        Dylan Elissiry

        Jackson Heitt

        Isabella Hernandez

        Kathy Shi

        Josephine Ward

        Mia Yancich

        Andrew Zhang


Advisors: Ms. Tretten and Ms. Lecky


* Mentor Supervisors are officer and mentor hybrids. This position entails the duties of the assigned officer position; however, if there are less than 50 mentors next year, they must be a mentor as well.

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