Welcome to San Ramon Valley Science Alliance!

Mission Statement: To boldly go where few 5th graders have gone before...

Science Alliance Intro Video

Fifth graders/parents: Want to join Science Alliance? View the flyer here.

2018-19 Parent Night Information (NOW OVER)

Parents must attend ONLY ONE of the following meetings below for their child to be eligible to join the program, no exceptions. No registrations for the meetings are required. Please, do not be late!

Meeting Dates



School Address

Tuesday, September 11th

Wednesday, September 12th

Tuesday, September 18th

Wednesday, September 19th

6 - 7 pm

Dougherty Valley High School Commons

10550 Albion Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582

Science Alliance interest flyer is available here.

Parent Night Presentation PowerPoint from 2018 is located under "Buddy & Parent Resources"

For all questions and concerns, please email sr.sciencealliance@gmail.com