Schools, Businesses, and Government

Businesses will need to engage in sustainable development if they are going to excel. More than using strategies to limit their environmental footprint, the focus should be on how to define sustainability in terms that can be applied into corporate vision and strategy by using indicators that define where a company stands. With definition there is a metric for improvements, innovation, and competitive advantage. Sustainability in business is a way to find operational advances and technological processes that enhance people and the environment as well as the bottom line.

For most companies, the journey toward sustainability will require changes in the nature of relationships with governments, communities, and environmental groups.  For many, it could mean greater transparency, engagement, and collaboration, including the use of partnerships and alliances to promote effective sustainability tools and techniques of best practices on the way to creating greater efficiencies and lower costs. We owe it to those who will come after us, to rise to one of the crucial challenges of our time: forging an economy the earth can sustain indefinitely.


Educational progress toward sustainable development should include sustainable development in all educational levels. The outcome is to educate society so that it might comprehend the long-term environmental, social, and economic implication of its actions, and train business leaders that can grasp, in addition to the basics of finance and marketing, the subtleties of competitive environmental strategy and sustainability. Over the long run, there needs to be ways to train business in sustainability, and over the short run to train Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) professionals to think like business people.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has been very beneficial in promoting higher education.  However sustainable development and social responsibility need to be a standard part of core curriculum in K-12. For a free download Global Issues and Sustainability Curriculum, go to

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