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(A Basavanna vachana, title track for daily serial Kichchu on E-TV)

Shivarama Karanth
(Title song for TV docu-serial Kadala Teerada Bhargavanige Namaskara)

(Title song for TV docu-serial Bendre Masterge Namaskara)

KannaTumba Banna
Special song for the Suvarna Karnataka festivities featuring Bruce Lee Mani, H G Chaitra and the Deepak Lazarus Choir
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Tarave Marave
Here's a track from Ninna Nenapu (Thoughts of You), an album I've released. All poems are by S Bageshree

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Translations from Kannada literature
The handshake episode: Kum Veerabhadrappa
A school teacher is transferred to a Dalit colony, and forced to reconsider his caste prejudices

Real Kerala, imagined Kerala:  K V Subbanna
The coastal state preserves the old, and shows us ways of reclaiming our primordial good sense, says this travelogue of the heart

In town and beyond:  Memoirs of Siddalingaiah
The poet with a twinkle in his eye takes a Chaplinesque view of deprivation and caste discrimination. A chapter from Ooru Keri  

The woman who gave me love:  Keremane Shivarama Hegde
A Yakshagana legend talks about a relationship that the world saw as illicit

Riding the tiger:  Short story by Vivek Shanbhag 
Written in 1992, when liberalisation began making its presence felt on Indian shores, this story takes a look at the machinations of the corporate world

My life and my writing:  Essay by Chandrashekhara Kambara
Kambara, one of India's finest poets and dramatists, traces his inspiration to a village full of spontaneously creative people, and his fear of corpses and the British

When Krishna leaves Gokula: Essay by K V Subbanna
Subbanna connects the lyrical, Krishna-inspired poetry of Puthina and Kuvempu to the problems of migration to the cities. He sees India's development politics as a betrayal of the people's right to a life of dignity

Manteswamy the rebel god: Selection from a post-12th century folk epic, with an introduction by well-known folklorist Hi Shi Boralingaiah

Bhakti, a poem: S Manjunath's short poem, with an appreciation by H S Venkatesha Murthy

Articles on music

An ambitious guide to Indian music: Alaap is a painstakingly produced 20-CD introduction to Hindustani and Karnatak music

Movie converts Pancham sceptics: Vintage music lovers with a dim view of R D Burman's music are moved by a documentary on the composer

Understanding the srutis: Musicologist K Varadarangan is excited about his 'tryst with truth' that helps settle a centuries-old debate about the microtones in the musical octave

The e-route to Karnatak music: Flautist and musicologist Ludwig Pesch talks about his one-of-a-kind Internet course in Karnatak music

A bit too hot for you, magaa? With all its dhak dhak in Hindi, and bak bak in Kannada, Radio Mirchi is trying to take on Radio City
Parvati's desire and the shopping trolley: Profile of Dr Ananth  Rao
A mathematics professor who lives in Australia has adapted the song-and-narration harikatha medium to tell stories from Indian mythology in English

Do you hear the nadaswaram? Its sonic grace and power are unmatched, but few care to learn the south Indian pipe

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