Tiger Den Meetings

Tigers Den Meetings

 Den meeting plans are developed around a Scouting program year that is presumed to begin in early September and continue through May, at which time Cub Scouts would become involved in summertime Scouting activities.

Two types of den meeting plans are offered for the den leader’s use:

  • Numbered plans: Programming for the program/school year (September through May), including rank advancement requirements for dens meeting twice a month
  • Lettered or supplemental plans: Additional programming for dens meeting year-round or more than twice per month

The den meeting plans for each rank are designed to be conducted in sequential order. Certain activities are partially completed in one meeting and finished in another. Other activities or skills are natural prerequisites for things that come later in the den’s year.

Local conditions (weather, events, etc.) or your den’s schedule may make altering the order of the den meetings attractive. As a den leader, you may change the order solong as you make sure the change does not jeopardize the boys’ opportunity to earn their rank in the allotted time or disrupt the logical order of the activities and achievements.When there is any doubt, the planned order should be used. Discuss with your Cubmaster any changes, as they may also affect pack activities.

Download Tiger Cub Den Meeting Planning Worksheet
Download the Tiger Letter Template

Den Meeting No. Tiger Den Meeting Plans Requirements/Electives Covered
*HA = Home/family assignment
1 Bobcat and Making My Family Special Do: Achievement 1D, Bobcat (partial)
HA*: Achievement 1F
2 Bobcat and Making My Family Special Do: Achievements 1G and 3D; Bobcat
Verify: Achievement 1F
3 Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe Do: Achievements 3D, 3F, and 3G (partial), Elective 28
HA: Achievement 3Fa and Elective 28
4 Go See It: Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe Verify: Achievement 3Fa, Elective 23
Do: Achievement 3G
5 Go See It: Let’s Go Outdoors Do: Achievements 5F and 5D, 5G; Elective 6 PDF
6 Where I Live and How I Tell It Do: Achievements 2F, 2D, and 4D
HA: Achievement 4F
7 Go See It: Where I Live Verify or do: Achievement 4F
Do: Achievement 2G
8 Go See It: How I Tell It Do: Achievement 4G PDF
9 How Do You Celebrate? and Making Decorations Do: Elective 1, Elective 2 PDF
10 Go See It: Making Change and Banking Do: Elective 13, Elective 50 PDF
11 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Reading Fun; Play Along!; and The Show Must Go On Do: Elective 47, Elective 21 PDF
12 Transportation Do: Elective 41 PDF
13 Phone Manners, Emergency!, Our Colorful World, and A Friendly Greeting Do: Elective 26, Elective 27, Elective 15, Elective 12 PDF
14 Go See It: Pet Care and Learn About Animals Do: Elective 43, Elective 31 PDF
15 Fun and Games (Bingo or Other Games) Do: Elective 3
HA: Elective 23, Elective 25
16 Cleanup Treasure Hunt, What Kind of Milk?, and Snack Time Do: Elective 33, Elective 23, Elective 25 PDF

Den Meeting Letter Tiger Den Meeting Plans Requirements/Electives Covered
*HA = Home/family assignment
A Collecting and Other Hobbies Do: Elective 16 PDF
B Make a Model, Part 1 Do: Elective 17
HA: Elective 17
C Make a Model, Part 2 Do: Elective 17 PDF
D Go See It: Visit a Bakery Do: Elective 45 PDF
E Get the Word Out Do: Elective 20 PDF
F Magic Fun Do: Elective 19 PDF
G Picnic Fun, Snack Time, Safety in the Sun, and Fun Outdoors Do: Elective 22, Elective 25, Elective 29, Elective 35 PDF
H Plant a Seed! and Song Time Do: Elective 30, Elective 6 PDF
I Go See It: See a Performance Do: Elective 36 PDF
J Visit a Bike Repair Shop and Take a Bike Ride With Your Adult Partner Do: Elective 38, Elective 37 PDF
K Go See It: Go to Work Do: Elective 39 PDF
L Feed the Birds Do: Elective 32 PDF
M Family Mobile Do: Elective 5 PDF
N Display a Picture Do: Elective 4 PDF
O Go See It: Healthy Teeth and Gums Do: Elective 46 PDF
P Sew a Button and Song Time Do: Elective 18, Elective 6 PDF