How to Join

Congratulations on your decision to register your child in a Scouting program! By doing so, he or she will have a lot of fun - while being challenged to develop leadership skills in an environment that stresses the importance of moral and ethical behavior. Scouting is a year- round program and youth can join any time.  However, the fall is when most new members are recruited. You can learn more about scouting through this website.

Scout Ranks
•Kindergarden age kids are not old enough to officially join Scouting. However Pack 911 will allow them to joing the Tiger Den. They do not have to wear the Class A uniform and they will not earn ranks or awards until they are a Tiger. They will get to have all the same fun and attend all the events.
•Tigers: 1st Grade or age 7
•Wolves: 2nd grade or age 8
•Bears : 3rd Grade or age 9
•Webelos 1: 4th Grade or age 10
•Webelos 2: 5th Grade or age 11

What do Scouts do

Cub Scouts (boys first grade through fifth grade) meet in small groups called dens, for weekly meetings. Once a month, all the dens meet together as a pack. Often that monthly meeting will involve a fun activity. Cubs and their families take part in events such as the pinewood derby model car race, or the raingutter regatta model boat race. Or, there could be a picnic, trip to the ball game, etc. Many Cub packs schedule camping trips, including visits to Camp Miles or Camp Flying Eagle.  Units are also encouraged to attend the Southwest Florida Council’s Cub Scout Summer Day Camp. 

How Much Does Scouting Cost a year
Scouting does charge fees for membership, events and trips. Pack fundraising will help with those costs, and will give a Scout the chance to earn the money he needs to participate in these programs. However, it is the position of Pack 911 and the Southwest Florida Council that money should not keep a young person from enjoying the Scouting program. If you’d like more information about this, please contact Cubmaster Chad at or by phone at 941-809-9163
Below is a list of basic needs to get a young person started in each Scouting program, to give you a rough idea of what’s expected. Before you buy anything, however, make sure you talk to the unit’s leader. 

Dues: Required: $30 registration fee for new scouts, $10.00 monthly dues will be required to cover the cost of awards and den supplies..

Uniforms: At Pack 911 we require each scout wear a uniform. Each existing member must wear either a Class A or a Class B Uniform. New members joining in September are not required to wear a uniform until the January Pack meeting. We encourage youth and adult leaders to have their uniforms as quick as possible. It makes the boys feel proud to be a part of the pack.

Activities: We put the outing in Scouting and Scouting means camping. Through out the year the pack tries to camp at least once a month. Some of these may be Council sponsored events that have a registration fee. These costs will vary by event.