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SRP 4th Annual Plenary Meeting and General Assembly
27-28 October 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

"The Future of Rice: Partnerships for Sustainability"

Since 2013, the Sustainable Rice Platform has progressed on several fronts - institutionally, and in development of the SRP standard and indicators, through wider collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute, and in enhanced recognition by the international stakeholder community.

The SRP 4th Plenary Meeting and General Assembly had an overarching theme: "The Future of Rice". It was held in Bangkok, and was attended by 115 delegates from 22 countries, representing a range of stakeholder groups, including development partners and the diplomatic community. 

SRP members were encouraged to pay special attention and provide feedback via the Secretariat on the following matters:

  • Feedback on the content of the draft Standard;
  • Institutional commitment to field-testing the SRP Standard; and
  • Interest in participating in the forthcoming Standards and Indicators Workshop to be held in Bangkok on 16-17 February 2015.