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What is a...Workshop? …Retreat? …Institute?


At a Suzuki Workshop, a student receives short-term instruction from highly-qualified teachers. Usually just one or two days, workshops do not require a student to stay overnight. Workshops generally feature master classes on solo pieces, group Suzuki instruction, and orchestral instruction. A workshop typically concludes with a play-in concert featuring all participants.

            Example: Ferndale Suzuki Workshop


At a Suzuki Retreat, students engage in several days of intense practice, group instruction, and fun non-music activities, under the instruction of teachers from their home program. A retreat typically lasts two days, with students staying overnight. Depending on the focus, the retreat may follow the workshop pattern, or may be used to prepare special repertoire for an ensemble or tour group.  

            Example: SRO’s 2011 Fall Retreat at Camp Echo Grove


At a Suzuki Institute, a student attends a session of anywhere from three days to two weeks staying overnight and engages in intense musical instruction and practice. Held in the summer months, institutes attract top teachers from across the country. Institutes feature private instruction, master classes on solo pieces, group Suzuki instruction, orchestral instruction, and chamber music, as well as Suzuki teacher training programs for teachers interested in SAA certification. Institutes divide instruction into three categories: A) lesson (master) classes, B) technique classes, and C) repertoire classes. An institute typically concludes with a play-in concert or informal recital featuring all participants. Additionally, Institutes are held in a variety of settings, from camps to resorts to college campuses, and can become a vacation tradition for the entire family. Institutes will also offer a variety of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities.

            Examples: Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Suzuki Institute at Phoenix Phest! Grande, and the American Suzuki Institute at Stevens Point, WI