Mission and Values


Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music is dedicated to enriching the lives of students and 

their families through the principles and philosophies of the Suzuki method.

Values and Guiding Principles

SRO believes:

  • Every child can learn;
  • Excellence and beauty are worth pursuing for their own sake;
  • Musical education is a commitment on the level of other educational endeavors;
  • Communities are enriched when the arts are thriving.

SRO exists to provide:

  • An excellent musical education taught by accomplished faculty with exceptional program content and superb performance opportunities;
  • Highly trained SAA-registered instructors who can provide comprehensive instruction for ages 3-18;
  • An organizational culture of continual self-improvement;
  • A cooperative learning environment between the parent, teacher and student;
  • A whole child education which inspires a lifelong love of learning;
  • A climate of respect and dignity;
  • A safe and non-competitive environment which creates positive experiences, increases confidence, and builds character.