Board and Friends

Board of Directors

Letter from the President:

Suzuki Royal Oak is a  non-profit music school founded over 20 years ago by its current director, Mark Mutter. SRO provides musical instruction to students in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties.  Through partnerships with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Detroit charter schools, SRO reaches numerous students who would not otherwise have an opportunity to have musical instruction.

SRO, through the leadership of Mark Mutter, is dedicated to providing high quality musical instruction based on the Suzuki method of teaching to young people ages 3-18.  All students participate in private and group class instruction along with a variety of other orchestra and pre-orchestra class offerings.  Additionally, throughout the year, students have opportunities for solo and group performances at community events.  More advanced students have the opportunity to travel abroad with SRO.

In a short period of time, SRO becomes a second home to its students and their families and close friendships are formed.  SRO is a very positive environment where students to learn to play and love music.  The teachers all instruct from the standpoint that every child can learn to play music. Through group class, musical instruction becomes fun and social. 

SRO has immensely increased the quality of life of my three children ages 9, 7, and 4.
  All three of my children look forward to Monday nights when they have violin lessons and see their violin family. 




Marcy Citron

President, Board of Directors

Suzuki Royal Oak

Friends of Suzuki Royal Oak

We will be organizing a new parent volunteer group called, “Friends of Suzuki Royal Oak.” Our Board of Directors will continue to oversee the school and chart a course for the future. “Friends of Suzuki Royal Oak” will be the new arms and legs to help with all of the special events and activities of the school.

Here are a few ways that you can get involved:

Public Relations – this team will handle all press releases and other forms of communication that Suzuki Royal Oak uses to promote our concerts and special events. They will work with the director and webmaster to keep our website up-to-date and explore other avenues to get the word out about Suzuki Royal Oak.

Concert Coordination – this team will assist the director in putting together programs and other materials for our recitals and concerts. They will also help with the onsite logistics of these performances.

Fiddle Fest – this team will help coordinate all of the many aspects of “Fiddle Fest.” They will organize and run the Silent Auction, 50-50 Raffle, Pasta Dinner and Cookie Sale. This group will have a team leader and a very large committee to organize this event.

Members of the Board:

George Blower - 

Marcy Citron - 

Doni Fall

Emily Lamoreaux - 

Mark Lichterman

Michelle Lannoo

Mark Mutter - 
    Executive Director

Beth Vojtisek -
    Faculty Liaison

Mark Vojtisek -                       Vice-Chairperson

Gail von Staden