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Adopting 10 best procurement practices using Oracle Procurement Solution -Amit Malhotra, AST Corporation
Title / Presenter
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Keynote: eBusiness Suite Strategy and Roadmap and Planning Your Upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and Key Features

Ann Carlson - Oracle Corporation07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-00.pdf
Intro to Oracle Financial Cloud (Applications)Oracle07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-01.pdf
How EBS customers can leverage Oracle Fusion Middleware
Makrand Pare and Mohammed Sabir, OSI Consulting07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-02.pdf
Hands on use of Oracle's Business Intelligence Cloud Services - 3 Parts
Vlad Besprozvanny, Oracle07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-03.pdf
I Didn’t Know That Existed in Oracle Hyperion PlanningGlen Chang, interRel.07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-04.pdf
Intro to Oracle Procurement Cloud (Applications)
Global ERP Implementation – Factors for Success
Dan Chaffer and Hans Kolbe, Celantra Systems07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-06.pdf
Hyperion Planning Approvals - “Out-of-the-Box” and Other Custom-Built MethodsDeanna Sunde, Key Performance Indicators.07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-08.pdf
Intro to Oracle Manufacturing Cloud (Applications) by
10 Ways to Enhance Your IT Roadmap Project David Ricter, Jade Global07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-10.pdf
Account Reconciliation Cloud Services: Automating Data Reconciliation with ARCSBashar Hantash, interRel07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-12.pdf
Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) by OracleOracle07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-13.pdf
EBS - OAF Personalization Examples - Great rewards with low effortSusan Behn, Infosemantics07/22/2016PDFsroaug-20160722-14.pdf
OBIEE and All of the EPM Applications: How it Really Works
Oracle Hyperion Planning Automation-Work Smarter not Harder 07/22/2016
Keynote: Planning Your Upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2
Presented by Oracle Corporation
Cliff Godwin, Senior Vice President  Applications Development02/26/2016
Introduction Oracle Platform as a Service by Oracle 02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-01.pdf
Removing Unneeded Data from Oracle Enterprise Databases. Email: Kevin.Williams@avaloncsi.com.
Kevin Williams - Avalon Consulting Solutions, Inc.
EBS to Fusion ERP Cloud - A customer Success Story

Manoj Rathi - Jade Global02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-03.pdf
Tips and Tricks for Upgrade to Hyperion

Bill Schaefer - IBM02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-04.pdf
Next Generation Cloud Order Management Solution for High-Tech Firms

Kamlesh Meshram & John Liu - Deloitte02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-05.pdf
Workflow Setups That Make A Difference.
Karen Brownfield - Infosemantics, Inc.02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-06.pdf
How to get the most out of New Features of ASCP 12.2.5/ to create better plans
Mohan Cavale - Nexinfo02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-07.pdf
To Cloud or Not to Cloud – Hyperion Planning: on-premise vs Planning Budgeting Cloud Solutions

Joe Monteith - IT Convergence02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-08.pdf
Introducing Oracle Financial Cloud by Oracle 02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-09.pdf
Rebuilding Tables and Indexes for Performance

Kevin Williams - Avalon Consulting Solutions, Inc.02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-10.pdf
How to expedite Financial Month End Closing Process

Moiz Kaka - Polaris Associates02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-11.pdf
Leveraging the cloud for Integrated Business Planning

Sean Bernhot - peloton group02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-12.pdf
Introducing Oracle Procurement Cloud by Oracle 02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-13.pdf
Patch Proactively With Patch Wizard (Even if You Aren't a DBA)
Karen Brownfield - Infosemantics, Inc.02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-14.pdf
Hacked! But We Encrypted with Oracle. Credit Card Encryption Risks in Oracle
Diane Merrigan - Cardconnect02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-15.pdf
Hyperion Problem Solving – Identifying Solutions: The Art of Hyperion solutions
Joe Monteith - IT Convergence02/26/2016PDFsroaug-20160226-16.pdf
Keynote: Oracle E-Business Suite: Strategy, Update and Roadmap
David O’Connor, Oracle Principal Sales Consultant07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-00.pdf
Oracle’s Incomplete Intercompany Functionality?  What do we do?
Hans Kolbe, Celantra Systems07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-01.pdf
Five Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Version 12.2
Bob Alter, NexInfo07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-02.pdf
R12 AR - Closing and Reconciling Oracle Receivables
Cathy Cakebread of Cathy Cakebread, Inc.07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-03.pdf
Using Oracle Mobile Applications Framework to improve efficiency in Oracle WMS
Emil Varghese, CTR World07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-04.pdf
Web services using standard Oracle EBS
Divya Kantem and Preeti Lobo, Apps Associates07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-05.pdf
Proactive Best Practices for EBS Patching - Learn about the Patch Wizard and How to Find E-Business Suite Patches
David Heisler, Oracle07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-06.pdf
Procure to Pay Co-Existence Solutions for EBS Customers
McKenzie Wilson Solution Consultant, Oracle07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-07.pdf
Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Services
McKenzie Wilson Solution Consultant, Oracle07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-08.pdf
Oracle E-Business Suite: Mobile Strategy, Current Applications and Roadmap
Mark Migotsky, Principal Solution Consultant, Oracle07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-09.pdf
Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Services: What is it?
James Renger, Key Performance Ideas, Inc.07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-10.pdf
Best Practices, and Use Cases for Implementing the Cloud
Sean Bernhoit, VP from Linium07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-11.pdf
What’s New in  Oracle EPM
Courtney Foster, interRel Consulting07/23/2015PDFsroaug-20150723-12.pdf
Keynote: Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Strategy. Venkat Visweswaran, Director,
Product Management, Oracle Technology
Clearing up the Cloud(s) - Making Sense out of Oracle’s Cloud Strategy.Kevin Parker, Hitachi Consulting02/27/2015PDF
Oracle EBS 12.2 - new features and functionality.
Praveen Daga, Zensar Technologies02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-02.pdf
Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) - Automate your testing in better and faster way with Oracle's integrated testing tool. Harsha Vardhini, IT ConvergenceHarsha Vardhini, IT Convergence02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-03.pdf
 Herbalife's Journey Towards World Class by implementing Oracle Hyperion EPM. Deanna Sunde, The Hackett Group02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-04.pdf
 Clearing up the Cloud(s) - Making Sense out of Oracle’s Cloud Strategy. Kevin Parker, Hitachi Consulting Kevin Parker, Hitachi Consulting02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-05.pdf
 Re-Implement R12 - Just DON'T Do it - What we've have learned the hard way! - Susan Behn, Infosemantics, Inc.02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-06.pdf
 R12 - Best Practices for E-Business Suite, Alyssa Johnson, KesteAlyssa Johnson, Keste02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-07.pdf
(Cancelled: Building Mobile Applications with Oracle ADF Mobile development. )
Makarand Pande, Jade Global02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-07b.pdf
 Learn From My Mistakes: Common Pitfalls to Avoid In Your Planning Implementation.
Glen Chang, InterRel Consulting02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-08.pdf
OBIEE in the Cloud –
Owen Fighter, Sales Consultant, Oracle02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-09.pdf
Get more out of your R12 investment - using Subledger Accounting for automation with Payables.
Dick Kenny, Computer Technology Resources02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-10.pdf
Improve your user experience using Endeca.Ravi Potnuru, Jade Global02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-11.pdf
Hyperion Goes Mobile: Planning Tablet and EPM on Your Phone.
Josie Manzano-Stettler, InterRel Consulting02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-12.pdf
Role of Master Data Management in improving Cloud Applications experience, Deepak Gupta, Manager/Chief Architect, Oracle MDM Practice, KPIT02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-13.pdf
Oracle Fusion Coexistence with EBS - Oracle Revenue Management for Revenue recognition integrating with R12.
Mohan Iyer, Jade Global02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-14.pdf
 Oracle 12.2 - See the latest in OAF to improve your Oracle Forms with OAF Personalization for a better user experience - updated for 2015.
Susan Behn, Infosemantics02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-15.pdf
 Financial Reporting Master Class – Books, Batches, and Adv Automation Techniques. Josie Manzano-Stettle, InterRel Consulting02/27/2015PDFsroaug-20150227-16.pdf
Oracle Applications Strategy: The Modern Cloud for Your Modern BusinessOracle Corp., Adrienne Abrams07/25/2014
Deployment and System Administration of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2-Oracle Corp., Mark Migotsky07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-01.pdf
Oracle Marketing Cloud-Oracle Corp., Adam Kodish and Kirk Thacker07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-02.pdf
Oracle HCM Cloud-Oracle Corp., Matt Lipton-Schwartz
Oracle Fusion Applications: Functional Architecture and Coexistence-Oracle Corp., Gus Patel07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-04.pdf
Demystifying Sub-Ledger Account (SLA) for EBS R12-CSS International, Inc. , Samantha German07/25/2014PPTMsroaug-20140725-05.pptm
R12.2 Upgrade Panel
Ben Sousa, BBB Industries, James Lui, Aramark, Jay Sharma, Zensar, partner of Beachbody 07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-06pdf
Workflow Setups That Make a Difference-Infosemantics, Karen Brownfield07/25/2014PPTXsroaug-20140725-07.pptx
Extreme Performance and Scalability for Order Management-Cybernoor Corporation, Ahmed Alomari07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-08.pdf
R12.2: It’s Not Just a Technical Upgrade; the Business Value for Project-Centric Organizations -Project Partners LLC, Neeraj Garg07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-09.pdf
Rev Up your Revenue Recognition with EBS R12-Infosemantics.com, Karen Brownfield07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-10.pdf
R12 Surprises in User Management, Function and Data Security-Infosemantics, Susan Behn07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-11.pdf
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery-RJT Solution Beacon., Pandu Sadam07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-12.pdf
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service-Key Performance Ideas, Scott Costello07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-13.pdf
Oracle Essbase: Achieving Management Excellence-Analysis Team, Inc., Dave Stark07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-14.pdf
DRM and Hyperion Planning: Super-Manage Master Data-Analysis Team, Inc., Hanwen Chen07/25/2014PDFsroaug-20140725-15.pdf
7 Levers for effective Performance Management-HCL, Mahesh Subramanian07/25/2014PPTXsroaug-20140725-16.pptx
Keynote: Oracle E-Business Suite Vision, Roadmap and Customer Successes
Steve Tonas, VP Development, Oracle02/21/2014PDFsroaug-20140221-00.pdf
Oracle E-Business Suite: Release Introduction 12.2
Michael Barrette, Oracle Corp
Subledger Accounting- Multi Period Accounting (MPA) in R12
Praveen Daga, Zensar Technologies Inc
Ten More Forms and OAF Personalization Examples - Version 3... Updated for R12.2
Susan Behn, Infosemantics02/21/2014PDFsroaug-20140221-03.pdf
OBIEE vs Financial Reports:  Oracle’s Future in EPM Reporting
Alex Ladd, MindStream Analytics
Online Patching with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2
Robert Azzopardi, Oracle Corp
Project Driven Supply Chain for the projects based industries
Mark Kuta, Oracle Corp
Oracle in the Cloud - Private / Public
Mike Rulf, CTO, Core Services
Tell Tale Signs Your Planning Application could use a re-design
Alex Ladd, MindStream Analytics
Deployment and System Administration of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2Robert Azzopardi, Oracle Corp
Making the Choice: E-Business Suite 12.1, 12.2 and/or Fusion
Anne Carlson, Oracle Corp
Beachbody Case - OATS in Oracle - Leveraging Automation for E-Business Suite Testing
Shilpi Gupta, Beachbody, Praveen Daga, Zensar Technologies
Oracle Hyperion Planning- Predictive Planning v11.1.2.3: Find the hidden gem that reduces manual planning processes!
James Renger, Key Performance Ideas
Oracle Fusion Applications: Functional Architecture and Coexistence
Gus Patel, Oracle Corp
How to Achieve Faster Month-End Closings and Reconciliations in R12
Zuly Cheng, Beats Electronics02/21/2014PDFsroaug-20140221-14.pdf
ATG / Endeca - Customer success stories
Mike Hotra, Kirk Thacker, Barry Lieberman, Oracle Corp
Re-Implement in R12 - Just DON'T Do it - What we've have learned the hard way
Susan Behn, Infosemantics02/21/2014PDFsroaug-20140221-16.pdf
Keynote: Oracle E-Business Suite Strategy and Roadmap –
National Solution Consulting Executive for Oracle USA, Michael Barrett  07/19/2013 PDF
R12 Upgrade Panel,
Shirley Gao - Guess, Praveen Daga - Zensar, Phil Phan - NDC   
 07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-01.pdf
Integrate Oracle Endeca with Oracle EBS or Fusion Application
Naimesh Shah,  iBiz Software  (Collaborate 2013 Command Performance)  07/19/2013 PDF
Big- Data Analytics for Forecasting & Planning
Nexinfo  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-03.pdf
Designing a World Class Financial Close  -
Mike Malwitz, Oracle (Collaborate 2013 Command Performance)  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-04.pdf
Life After ERP Go-Live: Navigating to Nirvana? -
Adil Khan, Fulcurm Way  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-05.pdf
AME and how to extend beyond typical deployments -
Raja Sekhar, Jade Global  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-06.pdf
BI - Using Big Data & Social Mining in Value Chain Planning to reduce operational costs -
Salil Amonkar, Bodhtree  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-07.pdf
The Evolution of Forecasting in Hyperion - Interrel Consulting,
Sandra Nozaki (Collaborate 2013 Command Performance)  07/19/2013 PDF
Oracle Advanced Procurement: Strategy, Update, and Roadmap / Fusion Procurement -
Mark Preachy, Oracle  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-09.pdf
Oracle Fusion Applications: Technical Architecture Deepdive -
G. Patel, Oracle USA (Collaborate 2013 Command Performance)  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-10.pdf
BI - OBIEE - converting from Discoverer to OBIEE -
Naren Thota, Infosemantics  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-11.pdf
Hyperion: Addressing Concerns of the CFO office for over 30 years!!! -
Principal Solution Consultant for Oracle USA, Michael Gobbo (Collaborate 2013 Command Performance)  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-12.pdf
A Survival Guide to the Payments and E-Business Tax Impact of the Release 12.1.3 Payables Upgrade -
David O’Connor, Oracle  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-13.pdf
Oracle ADF Unique Customization Strategies -
Manoj Machiwal, Jade Global  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-14.pdf
OBIA New Content – Manufacturing and Enterprise Asset Management -
Rhonda Stonaker, Infosemantics  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-15.pdf
Tips from the Trenches – Optimizing Oracle Essbase! -
Bill Reddy and Doug Pearce, Analysis Team, Inc.  07/19/2013 PDF  sroaug-20130719-16.pdf
Keynote: Oracle E-Business Suite Strategy and Roadmap,
Jeanne Lowell, Vice President, Oracle E-Business Suite Strategy 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-00.pdf
Leverage Automated Tools to Evaluate your customizations for your EBS R12 Upgrade – Cut Project Time, Cost and Effort- Eyal Orgil, Panaya - Oracle 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-01.pdf
Business Intelligence Discoverer to OBIEE Migration Tool - Gary Pathy, Infosemantics, Inc. 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-02.pdf
Adopting 10 best procurement practices using Oracle Procurement Solution - Amit Malhotra, AST Corporation 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-03.pdf
DRM in the Wild: A Pragmatic Approach- Justin Biard, ADI Strategies 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-04.pdf
Oracle Business Intelligence 11g for Power Users, Developers, & Administrators -
Oracle 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-05.pdf
Demantra migration success at Motorola- Pam Spain & Debdatta Acharya, Motorola & NexInfo 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-06.pdf
Transitioning from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Fusion Financials: An Inside Look from an Early Adopter - Gustavo Gonzalez, IT Convergence 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-07.pdf
Let’s demystify Drill Back and Drill-Through... ERPi, FDQM or Essbase Studio?- Olivier Jarricot, ADI Strategies 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-08.pdf
Oracle EBusiness Suite Sub-Ledger Accounting -
Oracle 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-09.pdf
Release 12 - Preparing for Fusion Applications with SOA 10g to SOA 11g migration - Manoj Machiwal, Jade Global 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-10.pdf
Release 12 EBS GRC Controls - Adil Khan, FulcrumWay 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-11.pdf
Oracle Essbase: Delivering Value Beyond the Finance Department -
Dave Stark, Analysis Team, Inc. 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-12.pdf
Avoiding Complexity & Cost with Application Integration and SOA -
Oracle 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-13.pdf
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – Complete Solution for Performance Insight -
Oracle 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-14.pdf
Payment Processing with Oracle EBS Solutions -
Oracle 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-15.pdf
Leveraging Exalytics and Exadata to optimize your Oracle EPM and BI solution -
Jason Little, Analytic Vision, Inc. 02/22/2013 PDF sroaug-20130222-16.pdf
 Oracle Fusion and R12 Co-Existence Strategy and Tools- Nigel King, Vice President, Applications Functional Architecture, Oracle 07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-00.pdf
 EBS Period Close Advisor and Diagnostics- Paul Ingold, Oracle Solution Consultant, Oracle  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-01.pdf
 Got Approvals? Optimizing Your Approval Processes with Oracle Approvals Management- Khai Tran, Oracle Solution Consultant, Oracle  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-02.pdf
 Oracle WebCenter – Overview and Benefits- Danny Runyon, Oracle Solution Consultant, Oracle  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-03.pdf
 Mitigate financial misstatement risks in Oracle EBS R12 General Ledger by monitoring period-end close procedures.- Adil Khan, FulcrumWay  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-04.pdf
 R12 Upgrade Lessons Learned –  A Case Study of a High-Tech Company- Raja Sekhar, Jade Global  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-05.pdf
 How and Why should I start with ADF- M.A.Haseeb, Tetra Tech, inc  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-06.pdf
 The Reality About EBS 12.1 Upgrades- Susan Behn, Infosemantics, Inc.  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-07.pdf
 From Relationships to Risks: 5 Reasons Effective SRM Saves you Money & Time- Danny Nguyen, InsightSoftware.com  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-08.pdf
 Oracle Fusion? No Confusion - First Insights from an Early Adopter- Gustavo Gonzalez, IT Convergence  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-09.pdf
 Implementing OTL in a complex Project environment- Pat Bowyer, Project Partners, LLC  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-10.pdf
 Project Reconciliation Made Easy- Arsalan Siddiqui, Sachin Singh, Deloitte Consulting  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-11.pdf
 R12 Upgrade of your Supply Chain- Arun Cavale, NexInfo  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-12.pdf
Ten New Forms and OAF Personalization Examples for R12.1 -
Susan Behn, Infosemantics, Inc.  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-13.pdf
 Business Intelligence- Daniel Poon, Key Performance Ideas  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-14.pdf
 Working with Essbase Structures – Cherry Pickers Deserve Respect Too- Doug Pearce, Analysis Team, Inc.  07/20/2012 PDF sroaug-20120720-15.pdf
 Oracle Fusion and ODI- Jayjay Gutierrez, Key Performance Ideas  07/20/2012  PDF sroaug-20120720-16.pdf
Success Factors – How to Survive Your EPM Deployment Billy Hamilton, Analysis Team  02/24/2012 PDF sroaug-120224-03.pdf
What's New in Oracle EPM & OBIEE 11g Glenn Schwartzberg, Oracle ACE Director 02/24/2012 PDF sroaug-120224.11.pdf
Oracle Fusion Applications Overview David O’Connor – Key Fusion National SWAT Team member and Principal Solution Consultant EBS Financial Applications at Oracle Corporation 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-00.pdf
Oracle E-Business
Suite 12 –
Perceptions and Reality
Alyssa Johnson - Solution
07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-01.pdf
Oracle Business
Intelligence 11g for Power Users, Developers, & Administrators
Khai Tran -Oracle 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-02.pdf

Sales and  Operations Planning with Oracle Value Chain Planning Solutions

Vishal Shukla - Oracle 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-03.pdf
The Role of DRM in an EPM Solution Bob Singh, Rolta TUSC  07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-04.pdf
R12 – E-Business Suite Period End, Month End and Year End Closing – Best Practices Suzana Ferrari – DARC 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-05.pdf
Interactive Reporting: Delivering Answers NOT More Questions (An Enhanced Oracle User Experience Danny Nguyen Insight Software 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-06.pdf
Got Approvals? Optimizing Your Approval Processes with Oracle Approvals Management Salim Odero, Oracle   07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-07.pdf
Oracle Hyperion Consolidation and Reporting including Drill back from HFM to EBS (ERPi) and Best Practice discussion Doug Hansen, The Hackett Group 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-08.pdf
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Debunking Common Release 12 Upgrade Myths - Paresh Patel/Stephen Manning  - Centroid 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-09.pdf
Content Management Strategy - Ron Busslinger  - Oracle 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-10.pdf
Leveraging Release 12.1 Subledger Accounting Engine for Your Organization Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-11.pdf
Under the Covers: An Architectural Breakdown of Hyperion System 11 Eric Helmer, Linium 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-12.pdf
How to make your R12 Upgrade of HRMS Fun Park, Chris Y – JPL 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-13.pdf

Oracle Convert Discoverer to OBIEE automatically!

Ankur Miglani/Dro Karamians  - EiS Technologies 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-14.pdf
Release 12 E-Business Tax Engine Karen Brownfield, Solution Beacon 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-15.pdf
Is your HFM under-controlled? Bill Schaefer, KPMG 07/23/2011 PDF sroaug-110723-16.pdf
Oracle Fusion Applications Overview David O’Connor – Principal Solution Consultant EBS Financial Applications, Oracle Corporation 03/25/2011 PDF sroaug-110325-00.pdf
Planning Your Oracle e-Business Suite Upgrade from Release 11i to Release 12.1 Anne Carlson - Senior Director Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation 03/25/2011 PDF sroaug-110325-01.pdf
Oracle Applications Integration Architecture and Process Integration Pack Availability Salim Odero – Principal Solution Consultant, Oracle Corporation 03/25/2011 PDF sroaug-110325-02.pdf
Payment Processing with Oracle EBS Solutions David O’Connor – Principal Solution Consultant EBS Financial Applications, Oracle Corporation 03/25/2011 PDF sroaug-110325-05.pdf
Is OBIEE 11G Ready For Essbase? Edward Roske, interRel Consulting  03/25/2011 PDF  sroaug-110325-08.pdf
Quick Start To Oracle Hyperion Planning Edward Roske, interRel Consulting  03/25/2011 PDF  sroaug-110325-12.pdf
Oracle e-Business Suite Sub-Ledger Accounting Michael Gobbo – Principal Solutions Consultant EBS Financial Applications, Oracle Corporation 03/25/2011  PDF  sroaug-110325-13.pdf
I'm Implementing Or Upgrading To R12 - What Will My Auditors Expect Of Me? -
Stephen J. D'arcy, PWC  03/25/2011 PDF sroaug-110325-15.pdf
Sharing Intercompany Resources, Using Oracle Projects - MA Haseeb, Tetra Tech 07/23/2010 PDF sroaug-100723-01.pdf
How We Pumped Up Our Analytic Capabilities Using New Essbase 11 Features -   
Doug Pearce, Analysis Team/George Cooper, Gap Inc. 07/23/2010 PDF sroaug-100723-04.pdf
Accelerate your BI Solutions with Oracle's BI Applications Matt Vranicar, Rolta TUSC 07/23/2010 PDF sroaug-100723-05.pdf
Release 12 Apps DBA 101 John Stouffer, Just A DBA Inc.  07/23/2010 PDF sroaug-100723-06.pdf
How Hyperion Planning Complements Your ERP Systems -
June Walker, Global View Analytics 07/23/2010  PDF sroaug-100723-08.pdf
Why is Master Data Management (MDM) getting both Business and IT Attention in Today’s Challenging Economic Environment? -
Tamer Chavusholu, Kaygen 07/23/2010 PDF  sroaug-100723-10.pdf
E-Business Suite SOA Gateway Overview Susan Watkins, Oracle 07/23/2010 PDF sroaug-100723-15.pdf
Maximize Your Investment with Oracle Release 12.1, the Smart Move Ognjen Pavlovic – Oracle 03/19/2010  PDF  sroaug-100319-00.pdf 
Align, Review, Reward and Retain using the Performance Management Trifecta!  Lisa Laine, Solution Beacon  03/19/2010   PDF  sroaug-100319-01.pdf

OBIEE Best Practices for Continuous Success

Kameshwar V Eranki , Sierra Atlantic Inc. 03/19/2010  PDF sroaug-100319-02.pdf 
10 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for Oracle Fusion Application Salim Odero, Oracle 03/19/2010  PDF sroaug-100319-03.pdf
Top Ten Hyperion Planning End User Features That You’re Not Using Tracy McMullen, InterRel Consulting 03/19/2010 PDF sroaug-100319-04.pdf
Release 12 Oracle Projects New Features Brian Kent, Solution Beacon LLC 03/19/2010   PDF sroaug-100319-05.pdf
Successful Oracle R12 Upgrade Manoj Machiwal, US Jade Corp 03/19/2010  PDF sroaug-100319-06.pdf
Oracle E-Business Suite Procurement is Expanding: New Solutions You Should Understand  - David Hope-Ross – Oracle 03/19/2010  PDF sroaug-100319-07.pdf

Implementing Hyperion Financial Management in 6 Months or Less

Edward Roske, InterRel Consulting 03/19/2010  PDF sroaug-100319-08.pdf
Drive Savings to the Bottom Line with Oracle Enabled Strategic Sourcing – Deborah Emmett, Deloitte Consulting 03/19/2010  PDF sroaug-100319-09.pdf 
Leveraging Archiving as a Best Practice for Your Application Upgrade Frances Wells, IBM 03/19/2010 PDF sroaug-100319-10.pdf
Strategic Payables Transformation with Oracle Financials Release 12.1  -  Paul Ingold – Oracle 03/19/2010 PDF sroaug-100319-11.pdf
Oracle E-Business Suite integrated Custom Applications using Oracle Application Framework Raja Sekhar, US Jade Corp 03/19/2010 PDF  sroaug-100319-14.pdf
NEW Rapid Planning Module Joe Fornadel, Oracle Application Strategy Group, Oracle 11/13/2009 PDF  sroaug-091113-00.pdf
Transitioning from Account Generators to the R12 Subledger Accounting Engine Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 11/13/2009 PDF  sroaug-091113-02.pdf
NEW Landed Cost Module Michael Barrette, Solution Consulting, Oracle 11/13/2009 PDF   sroaug-091113-03.pdf
Release 12 Financials Best Practices Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 11/13/2009 PDF  sroaug-091113-05.pdf
Life Cycle Management Capabilities in R12.1 Salim Odero, Principal Solution Consultant, Oracle 11/13/2009 PDF  sroaug-091113-06.pdf
Oracle's Pricing & Availability:  Get to know your item's price/availability without creating Quote or Order Megha Vijay, Cloud Creek 11/13/2009 PDF  sroaug-091113-08.pdf
Master Data Management (MDM) Robert Pallares, Senior Solution Consultant, Oracle  11/13/2009  PDF   sroaug-091113-09.pdf
Increase Sales Productivity with Oracle's CRM On Demand and Productivity Apps Dave Ronson, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle 11/13/2009 PDF sroaug-091113-12.pdf
E-Business Suite SOA Gateway Overview  Salim Odero, Oracle Corporation 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-01.pdf
Release 12 - Tales from the Front Deb Bryda, TUSC 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-02.pdf
Simplify your R12 Upgrade ? FSG?s Made Easy with InsightSoftware.com Jim Chan, InsightSoftware.com 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-04.pdf
How to build custom application with ADF and integrate E-Business Suite using Fusion Middleware Mahesh Kumaran, Sierra Atlantic 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-05.pdf
LEADERSHIP ? Delivering exceptional results through collaboration, passion, and courage! Steve Romeo, Breg/Orthofix 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-06.pdf
BPM-Business Process Management Pranav Parekh, Oracle Corporation 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-11.pdf
Improve financial forecast accuracy and significantly reduce financial planning cycle time with Oracle's Hyperion Planning Michael Gobbo, Oracle Corporation 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-12.pdf
Using Oracle BI Suite EE Plus (OBI EE) with E-Business Suite Joe Dahl, Noetix Corporation 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-13.pdf
Mergers & Acquisitions for eBusiness: Data Management Strategies that Support Business Growth Bradley Sutherland, IBM 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-14.pdf
Advanced Procurement Diane Baiocchi, Oracle Corporation 07/24/2009 PDF sroaug-090724-16.pdf
Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Delivering Value in Uncertain Times Ognjen Pavlovic, Oracle 03/27/2009 PDF sroaug-090327-00.pdf
Release 12 Financials Best Practices ? Multi-Org Access Control & Subledger Processes Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
Reporting Roadmap for Oracle EBS Customers Susan Behn, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
Upgrading Oracle Applications to 12.1.1 Deep Ram 03/27/2009 PDF
Release 12 Financials Best Practices ? Subledger Accounting & the General Ledger Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
Rapid Migrations to Release 11.5.10 and 12.1  Susan Behn, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
Rapidly Increase Your Sales Team?s Effectiveness with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle CRM On Demand Mark Campbell, Oracle 03/27/2009 PDF sroaug-090327-06.pdf
Planning for Release 12 Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
Workflow Troubleshooting in Release 12 Susan Behn, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
OBIEE Projects Best Practices Barry Cooke & Ratan Vakil 03/27/2009 PDF
Release 12: Tackling the Question of Reimplementation vs. Upgrade Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
Customization Reduction Release 11i /12 Susan Behn, Solution Beacon 03/27/2009
Solution Beacon Library
Data Management Stategies for Today's Economy: How to control costs, improve performance, and mitigate risk in your Oracle applicationss IBM 03/27/2009 PDF
R12 Upgrade Panel Deep Ram, Oracle 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-01.pdf

10/24/2008 PDF Database Vault Expert Service Datasheet.pdf
Hyperion Planning Mike Gobbo, Oracle 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-02.pdf
Securely Opening up Your Oracle E-Business Suite to the Internet Sam Yun, Apps Hosting, Inc. 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-03.pdf
R12 Upgrade Success Story Jon Hahn, Telmar/Zensar 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-04.pdf
Talent Management in Oracle HRMS Colette Martin, Oracle 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-05.pdf
Oracle Application Integration Architecture Robert Pallares, Oracle 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-06.pdf
The ABC’s of Outside Processing in R12 – a Guide to Get Up and Running Sergio Frank, TUSC 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-07.pdf
Data Governance: Strategies to Increase Performance, Reduce Risks, and Control the Cost of Managing Your Oracle Applications Mariam Samaie, IBM 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-08.pdf
Extend HR applications with Fusion Middleware Siva Nekkalapudi, VMR Tech 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-09.pdf
Migrating Custom Reports from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to Release 12 Joe Dahl & John Hume, Noetix Corp. 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-10.pdf
Oracle Accurate Business Intelligence with Master Data Management Robert Pallares, Oracle 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-11.pdf
Fusion Extensions for Oracle E-business Suite – Case based examples Art Sarno, OpenText Corp 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-12.pdf
Proactive Policy Monitoring and Enforcement for Your E-Business Suite Naomi Iseri, Oracle 10/24/2008 PDF sroaug-081024-13.pdf
Upgrading E-Business Suite leveraging SOA Basheer Khan, Innowave Technology 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-01.pdf
R12 Financials, The New Functional Architecture Mike Gobbo, Oracle 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-02.pdf
Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Upgrade Best Practices Arun Anur, Vice President, Oracle Consulting 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-05.pdf
Managing Uncertainty with Crystal Ball Lucie Trepanier, Senior Manager Product Marketing, Oracle Crystal Ball 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-06.pdf
Daily Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Oscar Villalvazo, Oracle 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-07.pdf
Introducing the new 12.1 Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center Diane Baiocchi, Oracle 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-08.pdf
Successfully Integrating Application Express (APEX) to Oracle EBS M.A. Haseeb, Tetra Tech 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-09.pdf
Introducing the New 12.1 Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center Dante Maiorano, Oracle 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-10.pdf
R12 Financials, Subledger Accounting Engine Mike Gobbo, Oracle 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-11.pdf
Oracle 11i on 10g RAC: A View from the Top Peter Hand, Best IT 7/25/2008 PDF sroaug-080725-13.pdf
Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Upgrade Overview Apex IT 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-02.pdf
Oracle's EPM System: Driving Insights to Action Oracle Corporation 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-03.pdf
Top-5 Reasons for Automating Application Controls Fulcrum Technology 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-04.pdf
Upgrading Oracle Applications to R12 Oracle Corpo 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-05.pdf
Oracle Assets R12 Enhancements Chi-Star Technology 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-07.pdf
Oracle Archiving - Best Practices NEON Enterprise Software 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-08.pdf
Oracle's Embedded Databases Oracle Corporation 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-09.pdf
Universal Productivity Kit Oracle Corporation 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-10.pdf
Oracle 11G Utilities NEON Enterprise Software 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-11.pdf
How do Agile, Demantra, Hyperion, Siebel, BEA and other acquisitions fit in Oracle’s strategy? Oracle Corporation 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-12.pdf
OBIEE for Cash Management and Treasury Oracle Corporation 2/29/2008 PDF sroaug-080229-13.pdf
Six New Exciting Features in R12 Financials Oracle Corporation 10/12/07 PDF sroaug-071012-00.pdf
Using Application Express with Fusion Middleware Innowave Inc. 10/12/07 PDF sroaug-071012-01.pdf
Establishing Controls Over Your Spreadsheets Global Software, Inc. 10/12/07 PDF sroaug-071012-02.pdf
How to Monitor Performance and Usage Of Discoverer Nilesh Jethwa, RudraSoft LLC 10/12/07 PDF sroaug-071012-03.pdf
Release 12 - A Big Step Forward John Doscher, Navisite, Inc. 10/12/07 PDF sroaug-071012-04.pdf
Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - What's New? Oracle Corporation 10/12/07 PDF sroaug-071012-05.pdf
Release 12 Technical Introduction – Intermediate John Stouffer, Solution Beacon 10/12/07 Link sroaug-071012-07.pdf
Release 11i and Release 12: A Study in Contrasts John Stouffer, Solution Beacon 10/12/07 Link sroaug-071012-08.pdf
Release 12 - Accounting Manager Setup 101 Alyssa Johnson, Solution Beacon 10/12/07 Link sroaug-071012-08.pdf
Get ready for EBS Release 12! Tasks to complete now to ease R12 upgrade process Sandra Vucinic – VLAD Group, Inc. 07/13/07 PDF sroaug-070713-09.pdf
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition - An Implementer's Insight – Solution Beacon 07/13/07 Link sroaug-070713-11.pdf
Applications Strategy, Roadmaps, Fusion R12 Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-01.pdf
R12 - Financials New Features Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-02.pdf
Collaborative Planning NexInfo Solutions and Turquoise Consulting Unlimited, Inc. 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-03.pdf
E-Business Suite and BPEL Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-04.pdf
R12 - Manufacturing - New Features Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-05.pdf
iExpense - Back To Basics O2 Works 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-06.pdf
Personalization and Extension for E-Business Suite using OA Framework Zensar Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-07.pdf
E-Business Suite HCM 12: Value Drivers & Release Highlights Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-08.pdf
Demantra - Demand Planning and Trade Management Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-09.pdf
Release 12 Oracle Projects Overview Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-11.pdf
Release 12 Oracle Fusion Intelligence New Features Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-12.pdf
What's New in Financials 11i10 and Beyond Oracle Corporation 07/22/05 PDF


The Path to Fusion Oracle Corporation 07/22/05 PDF File
Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Oracle Corporation 07/22/05 PDF File
Oracle Corporate Performance Management Oracle Corporation 07/22/05 PDF File
Application Technology in 11i Oracle Corporation 07/22/05 PDF File
Advanced Support Tools Workshop Oracle Corporation 07/22/05 PDF File
Workflow for End Users Karen Brownfield, Solution Beacon kbrownfield@solutionbeacon.com 04/22/05 Link sroaug-0050422-02.zip
Mining for Gold … Using MetaLink Karen Brownfield, Solution Beacon kbrownfield@solutionbeacon.com 04/22/05 Link sroaug-0050422-05.zip
Workflow Setup in Release 11i  Karen Brownfield, Solution Beacon kbrownfield@solutionbeacon.com 04/22/05 Link sroaug-0050422-08.zip
Security and Release 11i John Stouffer, Solution Beacon jstouffer@solutionbeacon.com 04/22/05 Link sroaug-0050422-09.zip
Addressing Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) by Controlling Data Access with Customized Menus and Report Groups Paul Cyphers, Solution Beacon pcyphers@solutionbeacon.com 04/22/05 Link sroaug-0050422-11.zip
Release 11i Apps DBA John Stouffer, Solution Beacon jstouffer@solutionbeacon.com 04/22/05 Link sroaug-0050422-13.zip

Presentation Archives:

The following files have been archived but are available for use and reference by the SROAUG membership. Email a request to our Website Coordinator with information about the presentation you need and you will receive the archived presentation via email.

Title Presented by Date Format
SOA Adoption Cavaya, Inc 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-10.pdf
Release 12 Oracle Enterprise Manager New Features Oracle Corporation 03/23/07 PDF sroaug-070323-13.pdf
Setting up a successful reporting solution with Oracle Discoverer and other tools Noetix  Corporation 07/21/06 PDF sroaug-060721-05.pdf
Rapid Clone – Advanced Techniques Sandra Vucinic, VLAD Group, Inc. 07/21/06 PDF sroaug-060721-04.pdf
Delivering Business Insight with Oracle Analytical Applications Oracle Corporation 07/21/06 PDF sroaug-060721-08.pdf
Internal Controls Manager: Maintaining the Risk Library Soltre Technology Inc 07/21/06 PDF sroaug-060721-13.pdf
Road to Fusion  Basheer Khan, Innowave, Fusion Council Steering Committee  03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-01.pdf
Oracle 11i CRM implementation Strategy
Anand Thakre, Nextera, Chandra Honnavalli, VerFusion 03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-02.pdf
How to Manage Consignment Pull Customer Orders 
Patricia Cameron, Quovera 03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-03.pdf
A Lifecycle Approach to Customer Data Integration, Quality and Governance 
Raj M. Hathiramani, Southern Pacific Group 03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-04.pdf
Evolution of eProcurement
David Sutphin, Sciquest 03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-06.pdf
When Apps Met SUSE ... a Real World Apps Migration to SUSE Linux Sandra Vucinic, VLAD Group Inc. and Mike Forgey, Cymer Inc. 03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-07.pdf
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: A Practical Look at Application Auditor
Sunita Sarathy, Absolute-Tech 03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-09.pdf
Applications 11i DBA
John Stouffer, Solution Beacon 03/24/06 Link sroaug-060324-10.pdf
New Oracle Project Functionality in 11i
Angela Chen, Oracle 03/24/06 PDF sroaug-060324-12.pdf
Using the Custom Library in 11i 
Susan Behn, Solution Beacon 03/24/06 Link sroaug-060324-13.pdf
What's the latest in Oracle 11i HRMS?  Lisa Palermo, PeopleROA 10/21/05 PPT sroaug-051021-01.zip
Implementing a Self-Service, web-based "Procure to Pay Status Tool"  Jonathan La Rosa, Intuit 10/21/05 PDF sroaug-051021-02.zip
Advanced Security Controls Without Customizations -  Joseph Spina, Solution Beacon 10/21/05 PPT sroaug-051021-03.zip
APS Implementation Best Practices - Oracle Corp. John Barcus, Oracle Corporation 10/21/05 PDF sroaug-051021-04.zip
Setting up a Successful Reporting Solution with Oracle Discoverer and Other Tools Sally Hicks, Noetix Corp 07/22/05 PDF sroaug-050722-01.pdf
Project Planning and Execution with Collaboration Suite 10gR1 Brennan Gaunce, Oracle Corp 07/22/05 PDF sroaug-050722-03.zip
Automate & Streamline the Month-End Close Process Kevin Fukuda, Logical Apps 07/22/05 PDF sroaug-050722-04.zip
11i Applications Technology Update Salim Odero, Oracle Corp 07/22/05 PDF sroaug-050722-10.pdf
Re-aligning the Customer Master Mark West, Southern Pacific Group 07/22/05 PDF sroaug-050722-11.zip
DBA Guide to Oracle Applications 11i Security


Sandra Vucinic, VLAD Group, Inc. 07/22/05 PPT sroaug-050722-15.zip
SOX Segregation of Duties and Forms Configuration—ERP Seminars


Jeffrey T. Hare, ERP Seminars 07/22/05 PDF sroaug-050722-16.zip
OAUG Update Stephen Hughes, Exec. Director, OAUG 04/22/05
Web Services with Oracle Applications 11.5.10 Basheer Khan, SOA Software basheer.khan@soa.com 04/22/05
Roadmap to Re-aligning the Customer Master with Oracle's TCA Michele Dour, Aspect Communications michele.dour@aspect.com 04/22/05
Common Tool and Utility-based Instance Refresh and Replication for Oracle Applications 11i  James H. Lui (SROAUG BOD) Employers Insurance Group  04/22/05
sroaug-0050422-06.zip (presentation)

sroaug-0050422-06a.zip (white paper)

Deriving Value from RFID Behzad Shakibai, Bearingpoint behzad.shakibai@bearingpoint.com 04/22/05
Going with the Flow - Oracle Workflow Chris Capdevila, Logical Apps, Inc Nov 12, 2004 PPT sroaug-041112-01.zip
Oracle Applications 11.5.10 b Architecture and Tools Overview Sandra Vucinic, VLAD Group Nov 12, 2004 PPT sroaug-041112-02.zip
Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) Presented by Rapidigm Nov 12, 2004 PPT sroaug-041112-03.zip
Archive, Audit, Access - A data archiving best practices presentation Pallavi Vanacharla, Solix Technologies Nov 12, 2004 PDF sroaug-041112-04.zip
Supercharge Your eBusiness Suite- New And Improved 11i.10 Fred Studer, Oracle Corporation Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-1.zip
Customer Data Hub: Do You Have a Single View of Your Customer Heller, Sr. Director, Oracle Corporation Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-2.zip
Improving Customer Satisfaction with Multi-channel Sales and Service (CRM)  Brian Conley, Oracle Corporation Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-3.zip
Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting  Jay Patel, Oracle Corporation Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-4.zip
The Financial Value Chain Folia Grace, Oracle Corporation Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-5.zip
Sarbanes-Oxley, Oracle Financials and Your Control Environment  Jeffrey Hare, ERP Seminars Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-6.zip
An Intro to Oracle HR for Non-HR People  Lisa Palermo, People ROA, Inc.
Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-7.zip
Return Merchandise Authorizations: Eliminating the Hassles  Dick Kenny, Soltre Technology, Inc Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-8.zip
Corporate Spin-off/ Acquisition: R11i Reimplementation Considerations  Venkat Ramanan & Murthy Subramanyamurthy, EnTechSolv Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-9.zip
Daily Business Intelligence and the Data Warehouse: What Fits When?  Michael Spencer, Jaros Technology
Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-10.zip
Roadmap to Successfully Migrate Oracle Applications 11i to the Linux Platform  Sandra Vucinic, Solution Beacon Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-11.zip
Using Oracle Products to Drive Peak Performance in the Engineering and Construction Industry  David Hofferberth, Oracle Corporation Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-12.zip
Successfully Implementing Oracle Service Modules  Dianne Krantz, Qlogic Corporation Jul 23, 2004 PPT sroaug-040723-13.zip
A Better Way to Manager AOL Objects Presentation Details Michael Zuber, Mercury Interactive Mar 19, 2004 PDF sroaug-040319-1.zip
Approval Hierarchies: Enabling faster conversions of Requisitions into Purchase Orders Dick Kenny, Soltre Mar 19, 2004 PDF sroaug-040319-2.zip
Customer Data Hub
Teri Bean, Oracle Corporation Mar 19, 2004 PDF sroaug-040319-3.zip
Exploring Applications Resource Management: Case Studies on the new Best Practice Leonard Asuncion, OuterBay Dec 5, 2003 PDF sroaug-031205-1.zip
FSG Tips and Tricks  Sallie Shapiro, King Associates Dec 5, 2003 PPT sroaug-031205-2.zip
Oracle 10g: Enabling the Grid Roger Peterson, Oracle Corporation Dec 5, 2003 PPT sroaug-031205-3.zip
Improve Performance and Lower Costs of your Oracle Applications Outerbay, Inc. Sep 26, 2003 PPT sroaug-030926-6.zip
Anne Ristau’s “Back By Popular Demand” paper Descriptive Flexfields -- Setup and Design Basheer Khan, Vertex Systems, Inc. Jun 13, 2003 PDF sroaug-030613-1.zip
AIM for Business Flows Wayne Rogers, Oracle Consulting Jun 13, 2003 PDF sroaug-030613-2.zip
Assessing the Effectiveness of Internal Controls in Oracle Applications Seamus Moran, Fred Studer & Nigel King, Oracle Corporation Jun 13, 2003 PDF sroaug-030613-3.zip
Running Oracle 11i eBusiness Suite with 9iRAC Kelton Keller, HP Feb 21, 2003 PDF sroaug-030221-1.zip
Why Interface When You Can "InterConnect"? Basheer Khan, Vertex Systems, Inc. Feb 21, 2003 PPT sroaug-030221-3.zip
Maintain Assets Not Integration Andy Binsley, Oracle Corporation Jun 21, 2002 PPT sroaug-020621-2.zip
Oracle Applications Disaster Planning & Recovery: Planning through Implementation Steve Rockey, Data Systems Worldwide, Inc. Jun 21, 2002 PPT sroaug-020621-1.zip
Using Discoverer 4i with Oracle Applications 11i Basheer Khan, Vertex Systems, Inc. Apr 19, 2002  PPT sroaug-020419-3.zip
Trading Community Architecture (TCA):  Overviews and Tips Steve Silveri, Oracle Consulting Feb 22, 2002 PPT sroaug-020222-3.zip
Implementing Budgeting, Reporting, and Analysis on the Web Deanna Sunde, Full Cycle Consulting Feb 22, 2002 PPT sroaug-020222-2.zip
Monitoring the Oracle E-Business Suite Andrew May, Quest Software Feb 22, 2002 PPT sroaug-020222-1.zip
Introduction to 9iAS Integration Shaun McLaurin, Oracle Corporation Nov 28, 2001 PPT sroaug33.zip
Oracle Applications 11i Technology Stack Greg Day, Oracle Corporation Nov 16, 2001 PPT sroaug32.zip
How To Conduct a Successful Data Conversion for Oracle Applications 11i Ishwar Bharbhari, CSC Consulting Nov 16, 2001 PPT sroaug31.zip
10.7/11.0.3 to 11i - Functional Changes & Product Enhancements Jane Harris, Solbourne Consulting Services, Inc Nov 16, 2001 PPT sroaug30.zip
"How to" Guide to Oracle Purges Rich Butterfield, Outer Bay Technologies Aug 17, 2001 PPT sroaug29.zip
Unlocking the Promise of ERP Dwight Ackerman, CSC Aug 17, 2001 PPT sroaug28.zip
How to Survive 11i - A Case Study Dean Anderson, QLogic Corporation
Terry Dann, Oracle Corporation
May 18, 2001 PPT sroaug27.zip
Performing Surgery or the 11i Upgrade John Theiring, OSI Consulting May 18, 2001 PPT sroaug26.zip
Upgrading to 11i Sarma Vangala, Oracle Consulting Jan 26, 2001 PPT sroaug25.zip
Oracle Applications Release 11i Overview Debbie Seib, Oracle Corporation Nov 17, 2000 PPT sroaug24.zip
Using Discoverer with Oracle Applications 11i Basheer Khan & Gary Fox, Vertex Systems Nov 17, 2000 PPT sroaug23.zip
Workflow for Functional Folks Nancy Heffernan & Anna La Gabed, OSI Consulting Nov 17, 2000 PPT sroaug22.zip
Oracle Business Intelligence System - Enterprise Data Warehouse Basheer Khan, Vertex Systems
Steve Palmer, Oracle Consulting
Aug 25, 2000 PPT sroaug21.zip
Successful iStore Implementation: a Case Study Doug Harr, FutureNext Consulting May 19, 2000 DOC sroaug20.zip
Oracle Applications Release 11i - Technical Perspective Lisa Nordhagen, Oracle Corporation Jan 21, 2000 PDF sroaug19.zip
Oracle Applications Release 11i - Technical Perspective Donna Williams, Oracle Corporation Jan 21, 2000 PPT sroaug18.zip
Oracle Applications Release 11i - Financials Oracle Corporation Jan 21, 2000 PPT sroaug17.zip
Oracle Applications Release 11i - Manufacturing Karl Hageman, Oracle Corporation Jan 21, 2000 PPT sroaug16.zip
Implementing HR/Payroll and Timekeeping Shawn Shope, Ernst & Young LLP Jan 29, 1999 PPT sroaug15.zip
Establishing a Viable Reporting Instance Brian Blatt, Quest Software Oct 22, 1999 PPT sroaug14.zip
Implementing Oracle Customer Relationship Management Barry Epstein, Oracle Corporation Oct 22, 1999 PPT sroaug13.zip
Implementing Oracle Customer Relationship Management Steven Hallett, KPMG Oct 22, 1999 PPT sroaug12.zip
Benefits of a Data Warehouse with Oracle Applications Dawn Conant, Metier Inc. Jul 28, 1999 PPT sroaug11.zip
Strategic Procurement Jim Erickson, CSC Jul 28, 1999 PPT sroaug10.zip
Customizing Oracle Workflow in Oracle Applications R11 Robert J. Rentz, Spectrum Group Apr 21, 1999 PPT sroaug09.zip
The "What About Report Writers" review
Deanna Sunde, Princess Cruises
Charlie Hymer, FRx Software
Oct 16, 1998
The State of Electronic Commerce and Internet/Intranet Simon Lu, Oracle Corporation Oct 16, 1998 PPT sroaug07.zip
Oracle Applications Data Warehouse Bruce Binder, Vertex Systems Jul 24, 1998 PPT sroaug06.zip
How To Change Your Fiscal Year In Oracle Charlie Kaufman Apr 24, 1998 PPT sroaug05.zip
Oracle Order Entry  - Tips, Tricks and Experiences John Harris, Ernst & Young Jan 23, 1998 PPT sroaug04.zip
Oracle Order Entry  - Tips, Tricks and Experiences Lucy Milgram, Ernst & Young  Jan 23, 1998 PPT sroaug03.zip
Oracle Order Entry  - Tips, Tricks and Experiences Mitch Demyanek, Oracle Corporation  Jan 23, 1998 PPT sroaug02.zip
A Sneak Peek at Oracle Applications Release 11 Michael Barrette, Oracle Corporation  Jan 23, 1998 PPT sroaug01.zip