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My name is Shannon Rhodes Miller. I am a theatre professional. I am an educator. I have worked professionally as a theatre designer, technician, and producer exclusively since 1992. I was adopted in 1974. By 1985, having moved and changed schools nearly every year, I was ready to live my own life. I was declared a legal adult at 15. While I continued in school by special arrangements, I applied myself in various trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical wiring, brick, tile, and marble, and patio design. As a contractor I learned one important lesson, if you say no, someone else will say yes and eventually people will quit asking. I continued to wander, try new things, and experience life. My curiosity lead me to computers, electronics, robotics, print making and graphic arts. These things lead me to music, live sound reinforcement, lighting, and stage construction. A chance encounter with Dr. N.B. East, the Chair of the Theatre Department at Marshall University, helped set my life in a new direction. It was at Marshall University that I found my passion, my purpose, and my refuge. Theatre is my life, my home, my church, and my theatre family is the only real family I have ever known.

I have a knack for solving technical problems within the complicated limitations of time, budget, and personnel. I love a good challenge. I do not quit. I do not give up. I am calm under pressure. I work hard to help others achieve their goals. 

It is said that God is happiest when his children are at play. I love building playgrounds! 

Deep in my native West Virginia roots, I'm just a blue collar laborer with a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology.

This is my passion. This passion and my commitment often attracts and inspires others. The success of several of my former students speaks to this, as does the various recommendations of the professionals I have served. With the good there is the occasional bad. While I can't control how others may act, I can control how I react. I believe in creating a safe place to experiment and experience. I give everyone I work with my full commitment and dedication to help achieve their vision. I may not always agree or understand, but I am always eager to learn something new and try things differently. That's how I've gotten this far. See flexibility in Pedagogy. Rigidity does not withstand harsh weather.

In the following pages, you will find a CV for my time at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My full CV is available below.

In addition to my CV, there are links to various video highlights of adjudicated performances and a few selected pictures.

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