Important Dates:

11/14-16 Parent/Teacher Conferences & Noon Dismissal

11/16 Thanksgiving craft and lunch. You must be cleared to help.

11/19-11/23 Thanksgiving Vacation

2nd Quarter News:

In order to foster independence and responsibility, please allow students to enter the classroom on his/her own. I prefer they unpack their backpacks and snacks on their own. Thank you for your support.

Practice: tying shoes and memorizing personal information (address, phone number, and birth dates)

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who brought in cereal boxes for the SRL Parish Pantry. I really appreciate your generosity. It is so awesome for the kids to put their faith into action by helping others in need.

Weekly Curriculum

Sight Words: where find from

I like the and see we a to come with me my you are what now is of many how so where find from

*practice recognizing and reading these words. Flashcards are helpful.

Religion: Students will review Sunday's gospel theme. We are thankful fo so many things and this week we will be thanking God for His many blessings. By the end of kindergarten students should know the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be prayers.

Language Arts: Foundation Skills: sight words, beginning sounds, blending phonemes, reading with expression, and reviewing the sounds for a, s, m, t, c and p. Comprehension Skills: story structure and understanding characters. Vocabulary Strategies: classifying/categorizing shape words. Grammar: adjectives (for color, numbers, size, and shape). Writing Skills: informative writing and using describing words.

Math: students will identify and make groups with as many as, more, and/or fewer; identify and draw groups through 31, and practice number recognition for 0-31; ordinal positions from first through tenth; and problem solving using maps. We will also practice spelling number words zero through ten, ask your child to sign the song, "Number 1, word one, numero one one, o-n-e, o-n-e..."

Science: Students will learn that the sun provides light and heat for the Earth. They will understand that the sun can only be seen during the day and will discuss sunrise and sunset.

Social Studies: Thanksgiving - Students will learn about the Mayflower’s journey to America, the experiences of the Pilgrims, and the hardships of surviving in a new country.

Sharing: Share an object beginning with the letter Kk.