Important Dates

Sept. 21 - Pasta Expo

Sept. 22 - Pop for Christ 5K & Family Picnic

Weekly Curriculum

Sight Words: we see

*practice recognizing and reading these words. Flashcards are helpful.

Religion: Students will recognize we can learn from others, that God teaches us how to love, each person is a child of God, and God loves everyone. Every day we practice our daily prayers. By the end of kindergarten students should know the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be prayers.

Language Arts: Foundation Skills: sight words, rhyming words, pausing for punctuation, and review letter recognition and formation for the letters Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, and Tt. Comprehension Skills: understanding characters, author's purpose, infer/predicting. Language Skills: antonyms and nouns (naming words for people and places). Writing Skills: Narrative writing.

Math: students will be introduced to various three-dimensional (solid) and two dimensional (plane) figures. We will also begin identifying and naming patterns.

Science: The World of Science - students will learn about common science tools. It is important to describe things accurately as we talk to each other about observations.

Social Studies: Being a Good Citizen - Students will demonstrate ways to resolve conflicts by being good citizens and discuss ways for groups to make decisions fairly.

Sharing: Share an object beginning with the letter Cc. Students will begin by saying, "Good afternoon boys and girls. Today I brought an ____. I like it because_____. Any Questions?"