* Thank you to ALL the parents who came to help with our Easter celebration. The kids really enjoyed having you pray with us and partake in all the activities. Thanks again!

* Please sign and return the field day permission slips ASAP.


April 18 Living Stations of the Cross at 10:30, noon dismissal, & Easter vacation begins

April 29 School Resumes

May 3 Field Day - Please turn in your permission slips.

Weekly Curriculum

Sight Words: one ask help every walk

I like the and see we a to come with me my you are what now is of many how so where find from but came this on will into your be that go who here for they soon up make them give play say new said was then good ate could she all over when her some he away must no by there do went just down little only have one ask help every walk

*practice recognizing and reading these words. Flashcards are helpful.

Religion: Students will review Sunday's gospel theme, Palm Sunday We will review the Stations of the Cross and Holy Week. By the end of kindergarten students should know the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be prayers.

Language Arts: Foundation Skills: sight words, beginning and ending sounds, blending and segmenting phonemes, fluency (reading rate), reading with expression, pausing for punctuation, and reviewing the sounds for a, s,n, f, m, t, c,p,b,i,g,r,d,o,x,j,k,h,u,l, and w. Comprehension Skills: compare and contrast, understanding characters. Language Skills: classifying and categorizing places and subject-verb agreement. Writing Skills: opinion writing.

Math: Review math facts. Flashcards are a great way to practice addition and subtraction facts. The kids enjoy playing the game Math Fact Shoot-Out to practice their addition and subtraction facts. Daily we will review our calendar skills. Review numbers to 100 and counting on from groups of tens and ones,counting by twos, fives, and tens.

Science: Students will continue to explore the relationship of force and motion. They will learn about natural forces like gravity and magnets.

Social Studies: Students will understand how people lived in earlier times and how their lives would be different today.

Sharing: Share a pair of objects that rhyme. For example: a light and a knight, or a queen and a bean, or a sock and a rock. We’ll share them and try to think of more!