Sri Prashanthi Academy

care for mentally challenged special children


A  non-profit and service-oriented Institution established to meet the needs of developmentally challenged students, to provide specialized education for students suffering from  Autism, Downs Syndrome, A.D.H.D, A.D.D.,  Speech or Language Disorders  and other  specific Disorders.  

Sri Prashanthi Academy is run by the parents of special children. The school aims to provide the opportunity for special children in Coimbatore to develop to their fullest potential.  Each child has to be considered as a unique individual with his/her own emotional, physical and intellectual needs. We believe that as a member of the school community, your child will learn to grow through sharing life experiences with others, by understanding and accepting the needs of the peer group members. 

The School Year:

The school year is divided into three terms:

  • Early June to     End-September                                        

  • Early October to End December                                   

  • Early-January to End April  End 

The school week is Monday to Friday.

Grouping  of Children:

Children aged between 1   - 25 years are grouped into classes depending on the level of functioning. Children are carefullyassessed and grouped according to the IQ and the assessment outcome.


Children from 1   to 3 years old who need to be trained are given early intervention programs and group play activities.

Pre-Primary :

Teaching Words   : The children are grouped into two, namely, (a) 3-5 years old and (b) 6-8 years.  These children are trained in basic   reading skills, flash   cards, group play,self-help skills, practical life skills and communication skills.  Montessori methods are also applied wherever appropriate. 


Children who have progressed and promoted for high levels of learning are put into the Pre-academics (Primary level). In this group children are taught time concepts, money concepts, computer skills, arts and crafts as applicable.


Intermediate :

Intermediate stage is for children who have shown good progress in the Pre- academics and potential for further learning. They are given experiential learning and minor shopping skills, practical life skills, pre-vocational skills which are essential for preparing them later for independent living

Contact Persons 

Ms.Deepa.M - :   +91 9842228850

Ms.Annapoorna Jayaram - : +91  9843488908


To provide every special child access to a positive environment which enhances his/her quality of life and gives him/her opportunity to participate freely in everyday life experiences.


  • To ensure overall development and to stand on their own respectfully thus becoming capable of being integral part of the society.
  • To achieve maximum possible development in each child so that they learn to share, respond and blossom as happy members of his/her family and society.
  • To ensure availability of an inter-disciplinary team of Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, Special Educator, Psychologist, Doctors, Sports, Dance and Music Therapy teachers who will provide therapeutic and rehabilitation services.
  • To provide viable educational option so that the parents fill themselves with full hope for joyful life.
  • To provide special care and love the child requires preventing their limiting conditions coming in the way of their achieving full personality development.


Recognition of alphabets ?  -oh! no 


Picture recognition ? -  is  Okay  


 Digital recognition? - is FUN !!

The special child is an 

odd flower ;  yet beautiful !!