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Club Constitution

Article I

The Club shall be called the Anime Club


Article II

The purpose of the Anime Club is to advance the study of Japanese culture and the art form known as Anime or Japanese Animation; to further this goal, the Anime Club shall research various types of anime and the relevant culture surrounding it. The Anime Club will also further this goal through anime oriented public events.


Article III

Membership in the Anime Club is open to all Santa Rosa Junior College students without restrictions and shall begin upon signing the club roster and shall continue until either the club is disbanded or the member voluntarily withdraws.


Article IV

The Anime Club president is chosen by and serves at the pleasure of the general membership. Officer positions include the Inter-club Council representative, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Webmaster. Officers are pooled from the general membership and are assigned their position based on merit or club need. The option to create additional or disband officer positions is reserved by the president. All officers, with the exception of the Vice-President, serve at the pleasure of the President.


Article V

Regular Anime Club meetings shall be held every Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m. for the entire semester. The Anime Club officers reserve the option to hold additional meetings as is deemed necessary to run the club.



Article VI

This constitution shall be amendable with a two-thirds majority of the general membership, or by unanimous vote of the officers. The president shall approve or veto all amendments. A veto can be overruled by unanimous vote of all general members and officers. All amendments shall be considered permanent changes to the constitution and will be in effect immediately upon approval of the Anime Club President.


Article VII

This constitution becomes effective upon approval of the general members and all club officers. Until the constitution becomes effective, all articles are subject to change.