Tours & Concerts

Srirangam Shri S Kannan is widely travelled and has gone to places near and far for concerts and demonstrations. In this page his most important tours and concerts have been listed.

  • 1988: Festival of India in USSR with Shri. Karaikudi R Mani and Dr. N Ramani
  • 1990: Tala Vaadya Concerts in France, Italy, Belgium and the UK.
  • 1990: Participated in the Collegium Instrumentale Hale, Chamber Orchestra in Germany, presented by Dr. L Subramaniam
  • 1991: Tala Vaadya ensemble conducted by Zakir Hussain in Malaysia.
  • 1992: Tala Vaadya ensemble organized by Indian Council for Cultural Relations in Hungary, Germany, and the UK.
  • 1997: Indian Independence Golden Jubilee Celebration at New Delhi, Tala Vaadya ensemble with Umayalpuram Sivaraman and Pt Kishan Maharaj.
  • 1998: Participated in the International Music Festival, held at Helsinki, Finland
  • 1998: Participated in the Telstra Adelaide Music Festival, Australia.
  • 2000: Participated in the Jazz Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2000: Participated in the World Expo, Hannover, Germany.
  • 2000: Participated in the Czech Republic Day Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • 2001: Participated in the Fusion Music Concert by Australian Art Orchestra with Shri. Karaikudi R Mani held at the Opera House, Sydney, Australia.
  • 2001: Tala Vaadya ensemble presented and conducted by Percussive Arts Society at SAMI, Sweden.
  • 2001: Participated in the Queensland Biennial Festival of Music in Australia with 'Sruthi Laya' of Shri Karaikudi R Mani.
  • 2002: Tala Vaadya ensemble conducted by 'Sangeetham' at Sadlers Wells UK.
  • 2003: Participated in the Music Festival organized by 'Sangeetha Swaram', Malaysia.
  • 2006: Participated in the Indian Council for Cultural Relations sponsored concert in Fiji Islands and Australia.