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Mridangam Tuning and Description, Applying Special Paste for Thopi

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No trouble of carrying Rava, wheat flour or semolina powder and mixing it with water!!! There is a special Paste/Gum available with us. Please feel free to contact us for mridangam Paste/Gum that maintain its viscosity and does not change its form even after applying on mridangam "thoppi" and left open in air. The paste is soft and gentle. It is non-toxic and absolutely safe.  This special paste is user friendly for mridangists that gives excellent bass effect and easy playing with "Gumaka effect". Applying the paste is easy. One can  apply, add or remove it with ease and store it for future use also.

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Mridangam The King of Percussions Mridangam is a percussion instrument that is used in classical/carnatic music as a solo program and as the main accompanying instrument in all classical music concerts. This form of music is now well established and recognized almost in all countries.

Learning this art is neither tough nor easy, in the sense that, anything with dedication and love for music can make wonder... Want to learn this art? Feel free to Contact me.

All about mridangam, Therory, Practical application of theory explained in the link on the left side bar.

What is Angam, Layam and all about Tala Dasa Prana and Pancha Prana, Sapta Tala 35 Tala 175 Tala with chart has been explained in the link  URL:

For technical specifications, Parts Dimension, How to tune a mridangam etc... follow the links on the left side bar.

The Special Paste for mridangam is available with us. Please feel free to contact us for any query regarding mridangam and special paste. Follow the Contact Me link. For details about Special Paste or substitue Paste for mridangam Or Imported Paste, TVG paste, Synthetic Ropes, Practical Mridangam lessons and all about mridangam Contact: Sanatorium Sriram Venkataraman

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