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   Brief Biography:

      (i) Education

          Ph.D. in   Mechanical Engineering Department, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Feb 2013

          ME in Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore University, Karnataka, India, Feb 2002. 


     (ii) Research Intrests:

       My current research interests include:

         a. Microfludics
         b. BioMEMS
         c. cell patterening, cell sorting and cell manipulation

         d. Bio-sensors

         e.Tissue Engineering

         f. Opto-Electronic Tweezers (OET)


        Research Descriptions

My main research direction includes the development of electrokinetic based miniaturized devices for bio- particle manipulation. The device developed are benefit to applications such as cell patterning, cell sorting, and focusing/concentrating bio-particles to enhance the performance of biosensors. The low conductivity medium developed by us favors the desired cellular environment and well suited for electrokinetic based bio-particle manipulation with less impact on viability and cell growth. I have been involved in the development of lab-chip devices for tissue engineering/ drug screening applications. We have developed a bioreactor that favors maintenance of 3-dimentional (3-D) liver tissue under continuous perfusion to ensure long-term culture of thick tissue units for regenerative and tissue engineering applications.

Currently as a postdoctoral researcher, I have been involved in the development of simple and low cost method to fabricate 3D electrode for microfluidic applications. The performance of the 3D electrode fabricated by this method was demonstrated by negative DEP particle switching.  The fabricated microfluidic device can 

be  effectively used for wide variety of applications such as particle manipulation, particle trapping  cell fusion, 

electroporation and cell lysis due to large electric field gradient and 3dimensional DEP forces developed by 

3D electrode.  I have a plan to employ this method to fabricate a device for droplet generation with a precise 

control on size by impedance  spectroscopy, as the impedance ,signal is more uniform with 3D electrode 

compared to planner electrode. The proposed method can also be used to realize low cost flow cytometer.




       (iv)  Honors and Awards: 



              a. Nominated for the best student paper award at IEEE NEMS 2012 – Kyoto, Japan.


              b. Best poster award, The 15th Nano and Micro-System Technology Conference, 2011, Taiwan.


              c. Received an Outstanding student scholarship for the academic year 2011, 2012.


              d. Received Taiwan government scholarship for the academic years 2008, 2009,2010 and 2011.


              e. Rank holder (Rank No: 7) Diploma examination, Board of Technical Education, Karnataka,1992







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