Srini Janarthanam

"ayam atma bramha" - The Upanishads

Research Associate

Interaction Lab,
Schools of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (MACS),
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh, UK.

srinivasancj ta gmail tod com

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Current work

I work on EU FP7 projects: SPACEBOOK, Help4Mood and EMOTE. In these projects, we develop interactive dialogue systems to study issues in pedestrian navigation, generate weekly reports for moderate depression patients and build an intelligent emphathetic robot tutor.

Research Interests (or keywords to describe my current/past work)

Spoken Dialogue Systems (aka conversational agents and voice user interfaces), User Modelling and dialogue behaviour simulation, Dialogue management, Natural Language Generation, Referring Expression Generation, Reinforcement Learning. 

I have worked in many projects and explored the application of dialogue systems in various domains. I previously worked on dialogue systems for Healthcare (HELP4MOOD project) and Pedestrian navigation and Tourist information (SPACEBOOK project) and Technical support and Troubleshooting (CLASSiC project), Appointment Scheduling System (CLASSiC). 

I am also interested in Intelligent Tutoring Systems, AI & NLP in Education and Question Answering. I have earlier worked on Machine Translation, NLP for Tamil and other Indian Languages.

Affiliations: Interaction Lab SIGDial SIGGen ACL

Srinivasan Janarthanam Komarapalayam

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