About me

Hi I'm Kanishka Ukuwela. Thanks for visiting my site on Amphibians of Sri Lanka. I hope you learnt at least something about these wonderful creatures. I have always been interested in amphibians and reptiles from my childhood. I can't explain why I became interested in these creatures, but that has been one of the greatest passions in my life. After completing school I entered the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka to continue my further education. In 2007 I graduated with an honours degree in Zoology (BSc). Then I moved to Australia in 2010 to do my PhD in the field of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Adelaide. For my PhD, I worked on the Systematics, Evolution and Biogeography of Viviparous sea snakes of the Indo-Pacific. I graduated in 2014 and returned to Sri Lanka. Currently I work as a Senior Lecturer in Zoology in the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Mihinthale. 
My current research interests are systematics, evolution, biogeography and conservation of the herpetofauna of Sri Lanka. I'm also a keen nature photographer and you can check my photographs on Flickr
My family is very supportive of my work and this site is my wife's' idea. I dedicate this site to my parents and my sister for all the encouragement and support given to me and accepting to live in a house that sometimes became dangerous due to my pets.
I humbly welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the improvement of this site. If you have questions or  interested in obtaining copies of my publications please contact me.

You can also see details about my research and publications here.