Family- Ranidae (True Frogs)

There are 338+ species of Ranids in the world in 16 genera. Ranidae is distributed throughout the world except Antarctica. They have smooth moist skin with powerful legs and webbed feet. This family includes small to the largest frog (Goliath Frog-SVL: 300mm) on earth. The pupil is horizontal in most ranids. Their amplexus is axillary. Most species have indirect development with a free living tadpole that has keratinous mouth parts.  
Ranidae in Sri Lanka
The family Ranidae cosists only of genus Hylarana which includes three species in Sri Lanka. 
Genus- Hylarana Tschudi, 1838
Three species are recorded from Sri Lanka. One is endemic to Sri Lanka.These three species are characterized by their dorso-lateral ridge that runs along the body from snout to vent. They also possess round digital disks. All three species are closely associated with water. H. aurantiaca occurs in paddyfields and marshes in the lowlands of Sri Lanka up to an elevation of 650m above m.s.l. H. gracilis is endemic to Sri Lanka and it is found close to streams lankes and ponds in the lowlands of Sri Lanka up to an elevation of 700m above. m.s.l. H. temporalis is found in forested regions in the wet and intermediate zones of Sri Lanka.  
Species of Hylarana in Sri Lanka
Hylarana aurantiaca (Boulenger, 1904)
Hylarana gracilis (Gravenhorst, 1829)E
Hylarana temporalis (Günther, 1864)
Abreviations in superscript
E- Endemic species, Ex- Extinct species, Cr- Critically Endangered species, En- Endangered species