Family- Nyctibatrachidae

The family Nyctibatracidae is restricted to south India and Sri Lanka. This family is further divided in to two subfamilies: Nyctibatrachinae and Lankanectinae. Subfamily Nyctibatrachinae is found only in South India while Lankanectinae is endemic to Sri Lanka. There are no morphological features that are common to both subfamilies except thier wrinkled skin. Previously Lankanectinae and Nyctibatrachinae were placed as subfamilies under the family Ranidae. But molecular analysis showed that these two subfamiles are not closely related to Ranids.
Subfamily Lankanectinae consists of a single monotypic genus: Lankanectes and the species L. corrugatus.  This bizarre relict  species of frog is characterized by having a heavily wrinkled body and two teeth like processes on the lower jaw. This is the only frog in Sri Lanka that has teeth like processes on the lower jaw and this feature has earned it the name “Sri Lanka Fanged frog”. The adult frogs also posess a lateral line system making them well adpated to the aquatic life. These frogs have fully webbed hind limbs but they lack digital disks. The adult frogs can reach upto a snout to went length of 70mm. L. corrugatus is a completely aquatic species that occurs  in both still and slow flowing waters in the wet and intermediate zones of Sri Lanka.
Genus- Lankanectes Dubois and Ohler, 2001
Species of Lankanectes in Sri Lanka
Lankanectes corrugatus (Peters, 1863)E


Abreviations in superscript
E- Endemic species, Ex- Extinct species, Cr- Critically Endangered species, En- Endangered species

Dubois, A., A. Ohler, & S. D. Biju (2001) A new genus and species of Ranidae (Amphibia, Anura) from south-western India. Alytes, 19: 53–79.