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  Arulanantham Srikanthaluxmy is presently the Chief  Librarian of the University of Jaffna. Having graduated in Economics from the same university, she joined the library staff of the University as an Assistant librarian in 1989.


Her early academic training in librarianship was from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu where she obtained her post graduate degree in Library and Information Science. Thence she specialised in the field of Documentation and Information Science, gaining her Associateship from Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC) at the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore. The latter earned renown after its founder S.R. Ranganathan, the father of Eastern Librarianship, as the leading research institute for library science in India.


Her contribution to the general social welfare is not only in the field of Library Science but also in disciplines including Gender studies, Media studies and Literature.

Her personal flair for promoting library awareness and the value of broader knowledge, with particular emphasis in rural and underprivileged areas, was guided by her rural upbringing and early education in such environs. Much of her spare time and energy is spent in developing reading promotion programmes . For this purpose she establised a non profit organisation with the acronym FOLA with the help of her students. FOLA (Foundation for Library Awareness) is concentrating more in school and public libraries.

She is the author of several publications in the form of books at academic level, along with research, articles, conference papers, power-point presentations.