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   In a garden flowers bloom, and the leaves whisper. The breeze gently blows and there on a bench thinking about life, you find me...

I`m A.Srijith K Unni, a simple guy with lots of dreams and aspirations and I`m on a spree to learn and achieve more from this beautiful journey called life.

I do not really want to stuff this page with too much information. View my personal details here.

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My Yahoo 360 page here , my collection of poems on the net here

If you are interested in having some fun on a website and if you dont find it on this page, you might very well find it here. Though a few things might not work. :-)

I also have this habit of occasionally sketching something on my computer. I share them here.

I think a lot about life and all, thoughts which occupy my mental space, I duly retain here

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