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No Big Talks
No High Ambition
Itz just kewl n cazual hang-out.

Any clues ???

Y thinking---juss sink in....

Itz been almost three years that we have had hugged each other, pulled each others’ legs, played (naughty) tricks on each and every other person…….....

Seems a long time when we used to have Kalida ar Abhijit er Cha…………Our taste buds coudn’t recall ‘em now!!!!!!!!!!!

IS it something which is inevitable? Can’t we do something about it???????

When itz autumn in Bengal, itz no less than a unanimous home coming for most of us. Be it Bangalore, Pune or Barcelona – across geographies itz the same thing…………….

Therefore let us propose <4th October 2008> for having that old adda……….

If you wanna call it Alumni, thats OK… but essentially itz gonna be an adda session for all the pass-out students till date. Nothing official ‘bout it…

Let this bit of info trot around the globe, that all pass-out Techno India Students are meeting together to rekindle their left-behind old moments on <4th October 2008> this autumn at Techno India one more time.

Suddenly n surely we will have our frozen and de-lighted sepia moments coming re-lighted vividly as it were then juss a few years back.

No hosting, no guest-call, no big plans this time.

A simple and unique get-together for old friends.

Responsibility is with each one of us to pass on the info to as many people as possible; verbally, electronically and as many wild ways you can think of.

This is but just a bulletin portal for updates. Please, do come up with names and current mobile number and mail ID of your friends (if they cannot come up themselves), and of course ideate as many things as possible. Post the information to the ADMIN. And for every other details please do get in touch with these numeric magix :

2005 Batch:

<Name> : <Number>

<Name> : <Number>

<Name> : <Number>

2006 Batch:

<Name> : <Number>

<Name> : <Number>

<Name> : <Number>

2007 Batch:

<Name> : <Number>

<Name> : <Number>

<Name> : <Number>


What else my firiendz!

Ek bar sudhu chole aay, huliye thek hobe --- ar sei masti gulo ja mostly got dried off now-a-dayz.

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