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Date Assignments

Welcome to the 2018 San Rafael High School Tree Lot volunteer sign-up sheets, sorted by date
Enter your name and email address/phone number in the volunteer column to reserve a spot.  If you want your hours to be credited to a class, team or group other than the one listed, just change it on the sign-up.  For teams, please indicate if it is for the girls' or boys' team.  Also, note that all Saturday and Sunday shifts have an "Assist" schedule as well.  Anyone can sign up for any shift, despite the fact the days or shifts may be devoted to a particular class, group or team.  Day Boss and Drill Sergeant positions require past experience.  We are happy to train people who may be new to Tree Lot so they can hold those management positions next year.  Cashier positions will require training in advance.  We will contact all Cashiers regarding scheduling the necessary training.  If you have any questions or need to cancel your shift at the last minute and are unable to find someone to cover  it, please call or email Carolyn Cottrell at or call 415-302-3802.  Thank you!


Tue Nov 20  Unload #1:  Football, Cheer, Lacrosse, Girls Basketball, Soccer, Night PE, Water Polo, Swimming, Wrestling, Tennis, Cross Country/Track, and All Teams/Groups

Wed Nov 21 Drill #1:  Baseball, Cross Country/Track, Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Golf, Cheer, Girls Basketball, Mt. Bike, Softball,  and All Teams/Groups

Fri Nov 23 AVID, Art, Drama, Mock Trial, EcoAction, Music, GSA

Sat Nov 24 Sophomores 

Sat Nov 24 Assist- all Teams/Groups/Classes to Assist

Sun Nov 25 Freshmen 

Sun Nov 25 Assist- all Teams/Groups/Classes to Assist

Wed Nov 28 Unload #2:   Football, Cheer, Lacrosse, Girls Basketball, Soccer, Night PE, Wrestling, Water Polo, Mock Trial, Cross Country, Swimming,  Baseball, Softball, and All Teams/Groups

Thurs Nov 29  Drill #2:  Cross Country/Track, Football, Wrestling, Soccer,  Lacrosse, Golf, Water Polo, Swimming, Mt. Bike, Tennis, and All Teams/Groups

Fri Nov 30 Mt. Bike, Night PE,  Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Football

Sat Dec 1 Seniors

Sat Dec 1 Assist- all Teams/Groups/Classes to Assist

Sun Dec 2 Juniors

Sun Dec 2 Assist- all Teams/Groups/Classes to Assist

Wed Dec 5  Unload #3:  Track, Lacrosse, Night PE, Cross Country, Wrestling, Girls Basketball, Cheer, AVID, Football and All Teams/Groups

Thurs Dec 6  Drill #3:  Baseball, Softball, Football, Girls Basketball, Night PE, Lacrosse, Soccer and All Teams/Groups

Thu Dec 6 Watering: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball

Fri Dec 7 Freshmen and Sophomores

Sat Dec 8 Juniors

Sat Dec 8 Assist- all Teams/Groups/Classes to Assist

Sun Dec 9 Seniors 

Sun Dec 9 Assist- all Teams/Groups/Classes to Assist

Tue Dec 11 Drill and Watering:  Baseball, Girls and Boys Basketball, Cheer

 Thurs Dec 13  Drill and Watering:  Eco Action, Night PE, Music, Art

Fri Dec 14 All Teams/Groups/Classes 

Sat Dec 15 Sophomores and all Teams/Groups/Classes

Sun Dec 16 Freshmen and all Teams/Groups/Classes

Mon Dec 17 Clean up-All Teams/Groups/Classes

Tues Dec 18 Clean up-All Teams/Groups/Classes

Lot Openers  (Requires special training)

Lot Closers  (Requires special training)

Register Closers  (Requires special training)