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Make sure your Thesis statement addresses the entire prompt!

It should be the last sentence in your intro paragraph. 

It should be strong and tell the reader your argument, as well as the path your essay will take. 

Ex: Although both Islam and classical Greece made substantial advances in the sciences, arts, and learning, their attitudes toward such advancements differed greatly.

Therefore this statement tells the reader I will be writing about advances in Science in both Islam and Greece and explaining the differing attitudes, then Arts and the attitudes, then learning and attitudes.  The only thing I have to worry about now is the historical evidence to support my claim that their attitudes differed.  
It is important to note that you must follow the path you create in your Thesis statement! Do not mix it up because you think it might be fun!    


Make sure you use actual historical evidence and explain them! Do not simply state there are similarities, or differences, you need to explain HOW and WHY these specific examples prove your argument.  You also need to make sure each idea is fully developed before you start a new paragraph. 

Transitions are KEY.  They help the reader understand when you are moving on to the next topic, without you just coming out and saying, 'the next way I will prove I am right is...'  DO NOT DO THIS! 

If you are struggling with transitions please read the post at the bottom of this page.  It may be helpful.

Limit your 'to-be' verbs: am, is, are, was, were, have, has, had, be, being, been, become, became, do, did, does. 

This is the last thing the reader reads.  This should explain what the point of your entire essay was, again without stating, 'the point of this essay was...' DO NOT DO THIS!
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