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Thank you for your interest in joining our organization and attending the conference! The Consortium welcomes new member/ attendees at any time. The membership form is located at the bottom of this page. Just complete and click and your information will be on its way to our SRFIDC Treasurer! Wanting to submit a proposal to present at the conference? Click here 

INSTITUTIONAL ($250.00 per year):

Any individual affiliated with such a unit may obtain membership for his/her institution. The institution, rather than the individual, becomes a member. One person from each institution serves as the contact person, but any number of individuals from a member institution may participate in Consortium activities. These dues cover registration, session materials and notes, and most meals for up to two representatives at the Annual Sharing Conference. Institutional members can pay the reduced fee of $125 for each additional attendee over the two included in the institutional membership.  Non institutional members can attend as individual members.  All are welcome. Rates vary depending on the conference site.

INDIVIDUAL ($175.00 per year):

Any individual interested in faculty and instructional development may join the Consortium. Individual membership dues cover registration, session materials and notes, and most meals for the individual at the Annual Sharing Conference.

Click here to submit registration for an individual or institution.

Please mail your payment to the following address.  We can only accept checks. (no credit cards, sorry).

Please make the check out to :   SRFIDC


Mail your checks to our treasurer:  (If you mail it to SRFIDC, it will probably get lost)

Irene Kokkala
375 Library Technology Center

The University of North Georgia
82 College Circle
Dahlonega, GA 30597