About Us

The Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional Development Consortium (SRFIDC) is an organization of faculty and instructional development programs (teaching centers, instructional technology centers, faculty development committees, etc.) in two- and four-year degree-granting institutions in the greater South. Units in member institutions typically:

  • focus on improving instructional effectiveness
  • have assigned staff
  • are funded, at least in part,by the institution
  • offer services such as
    • teaching enrichment workshops
    • consultations
    • mentoring programs
    • instructional technology support

What are the Goals of the Consortium?

The purpose of the Consortium is to foster the effectiveness and advancement of faculty and instructional development programs, both nascent and well established, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. The Consortium directs its efforts toward promoting fellowship and sharing in these specific ways.

  • Exchanging information on faculty and instructional development among member institutions.
  • Providing professional development activities for faculty and instructional development personnel.
  • Engaging in cooperative projects for institutional change.
  • Assisting institutions in the process of organizing instructional improvement or faculty development units or activities.
  • Serving as a linking agent for identifying and/or pooling resources.
  • Sharing successes and failures.

These activities provide the focus of the Consortium's Annual Sharing Conference, a three- or four-day meeting held in February or March and hosted by a member institution. It features workshops, major speakers, and member sharing sessions.

Many of those attending the Sharing Conference prefer to arrive a day early to take advantage of lower airfares, to tour the local area, or to socialize with colleagues. The conference coordinator usually arranges for an inexpensive pre-conference package. Other membership benefits include SRFIDC listserv participation, a newsletter, and a directory of faculty and instructional development speakers and workshops.

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