Final Seminar

The expectations on tomorrow's cars are sky high. Connectivity and self-driving capabilities require extreme measures in software and electronics development. The ways of work also need to be innovated. Software oriented companies provides inspiration in terms of agile methodologies and continuous deployment concepts. Combined with state of the art modelling and simulation based technologies we prepare to meet the challenges.

Second Road phase 2 and Heavy Road are two separate but collaborating VINNOVA/FFI supported projects, that over the last three years have innovated and improved processes, methods and tools within selected problem areas.

The Final Seminar is a full day event, mixing presentations and demos to spread insights and results from both these projects.

May 24, 09.00 – 15.30
Lindholmen M1 (Götaverksgatan 10, 417 55 Göteborg)


09.00 Modeling

  • Modelling Patterns

  • Notations

  • Modelling Tools

  • Plant Modelling

  • Integration Aspects

Niklas Berg (Systemite), Johan Bergeld (Volvo Cars), Erik Durling (Modelon), Henrik Lönn (Volvo Group), Anne Piegsa (Semcon)

Architecture, Multi-physics, Variability, EAST-ADL, AUTOSAR, FMI, Modelica

10.00 Coffee break & Demos

  • Continuous Integration with Simulation Support (Volvo Group)

  • Adapt Simulator with ArEATOP support (Volvo Group)

  • SystemWeaver for Simulation (Systemite)

  • FMU Simulation and Tooling (Modelon)

  • Virtual AUTOSAR Cluster (Arccore)

  • Environment simulation (Volvo Cars)
    • Road model generation, OpenSCENARIO and GPS simulation
  • Virtual high resolution model of Töllsjövägen (VTI)
  • Infotainment app, Driving Style Indicator, developed in VICTA Lab (Viktoria)

10.30 Simulation

  • System integration/simulation platforms

  • Simulations in Adapt

  • Realtime simulation in CANOe

  • Common traffic scenarios for shared test cases
  • Open access simulators - Supporting the automotive software ecosystem


Johan Ekberg (Arccore), Emil Knabe (Volvo Cars), Pradeep Farkya (Altran), Kenneth Lind (RISE Viktoria), Fredrik Persson (Volvo Cars), Frida Reichenberg (VTI)


OpenSCENARIO, Open Innovation, Simulation platforms, HIL/MIL/SIL

11.30 Lunch* break & Demos

13.00 Continuous Integration

  • What to feed into the Continuous Integration machine in a large, automotive organization

  • How to implement automated acceptance testing in Continuous integration loops

  • How is continuous integration and deployment technology used in today's heavy vehicle production environments  

  • The fast loop - continuous roll out the movie   

  • How can big data and machine learning improve the deployment process and end-user experience  

Anna Funke (Semcon), Peter Lauritzson (Semcon), Maria Carlsson (Volvo Cars), David Kaplan (Volvo Cars), Peter Thorngren (Volvo Group)

Process and organizational aspects, Test automation, OTA, Continuous X, User feedback, AI, Big Data

14.30 -15.30 Demos - Exhibition open until 16.00


* Lunch is not part of the arrangement. The seminar will close for 45 minutes.

Registration closed


Program in PDF format

This work was supported by FFI: VINNOVA FFI grant Second Road Phase 2 2013-04727, HeavyRoad 2014-03947