Published Papers:

  • "When can a Durable Goods Seller Price Discriminate Intertemporally?," Review of Marketing Science, 2015. (Pdf)

  • "Manufacturer-provided Services vs. Retailer-provided Services: Effect on Product Quality, Channel Profits and Consumer Welfare," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2015. (Pdf)

  • "Contract Design with a Dominant Retailer and a Competitive Fringe," (joint with Greg Shaffer), Management Science, 2013. (Pdf) (Supplemental Appendix)
  •  "Bundling and Menus of Two-Part Tariffs: Comment" (joint with Nava Kahana, Chemi Gotlibovski and Greg Shaffer), Journal of Industrial Economics, 2008. (Pdf)


  • "All-units Discounts in Retail Contracts" (joint with Greg Shaffer & Janusz Ordover), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2004. (Pdf)


  • "Bundling and Menus of Two-Part Tariffs" (joint with Greg Shaffer), Journal of Industrial Economics, 2003. (Pdf)



Working Papers



    • "Product Similarity and Cross-Price Elasticity" (with Rajeev Tyagi)

    • "Optimal Sequencing and Bundling of Events" (with Rajeev Tyagi)

    • "Does a Firm Benefit from Increased Cost of its Competitors?" (with Rajeev Tyagi)

    • "A Model of Cause-Related Marketing" 

    • "Why give them when they don’t ask for it? Street Money in Channel Coordinating Quantity Discounts Contracts in a Dominant Retailer Framework" (joint with Greg Shaffer).